By Noon I Was So Tired Of Sitting Around…

That I took Poop Dog out to the property to run around a couple of hours. You should have seen him! When I said the “G” word (GO) he damned near jumped out of his skin trying to get me to the door and on the way. He knows what IÂ mean when I say “Want to go to the property?” even if he is an inbred shiteatin’ mono-testicled mutt!
Was nice out there. Didn’t rain on us at all and it almost felt like it was trying to get warm. Man! I never in my life time thought I’d ever think 57 degree’s was nice out! Ever! Took the truck all the way to the dome hole. Took some pictures that are now on my webshots site. Took a video of Poop Dog running UP the side I dug out.
And that’s it. Home watching Dirty Jobs and working on my web sites. Kat called earlier and she’s doing okay. Cool!

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