Anyone Have A Radiator For A ‘69 JD350 Dozer?

Cause I really could use one. Closest I can find on is in Witchitaw or Michigan and they want $1300 PLUS shipping for it. Damn! Hope the radiator guy can recore it monday. Gotta be cheaper.
Damn, looks like we’ve had our summer! Yesterday was again the nicest day. Took Kathy to breakfast at the Family Pancake House in Port Orchard. Worked around the house until about 1800. Went out for a light dinner at Wendy’s and some shopping at Walmart & Staples. Spent more than our usual at Safeway on the way home. Spent the rest of the evening watching tv.
Today was a rainy kind of day. Much cooler than yesterday. Just worked around the house and scanned a bunch of things. Mostly DVD covers. Watched (sorta) 9 episodes of the Andy Griffiths Show featuring Barney. War Of The Worlds (both). And that’s about my day….

See what my dozer looks like right now? Had to use that engine lifter thingie to get that heavy assed front end off. Also went to Pape Machinery and spent $165 on gasgets for the ram thingie on the backhoe boom. Damn, I love technical language!

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