WET! WET! WET! Windy!

We even lost a tree at the opening of our road. Luckily, someone else had to whack the thing into pieces to move it out of the way this time.

It is very wet and windy out there today.  Dog and I had a fun walk this morning. Didn’t really get wet until the very end; which is okay with me.

Just heard a report on the radio from the Sheriff “Vehicle is about hood deep into the house” so I’m going to pay attention to that for a moment. Hearing lots of reports of downed wires on fire around the area. Earlier someone was trying to call 911 for a boat that was without power or anchor being blown about in the wind with someone onboard. (One of our Ham guys got involved in that one. Which is one of the reasons we do this Ham stuff.)

Know I haven’t posted in a couple of days. Been busy around the house trying to get things done. Getting a LOT of scanning of old documents out of the way. Also trying to re-season all my iron skillets and stuff. And the all-clad steel frying pan. There’s got to be a way to make them all more non-stick than they are!

SWMBO will probably be coming home sometime this week. Over the weekend they drastically lowered her liters per minute to 3 and she tolerated that well enough that they (the infamous they) started talking to her about coming home this week. Woo Woo! I have a Doctors appt Wednesday but otherwise I can be in Seattle in a couple of hours. Gladly. (I HATE driving to Seattle. She’s worth it though.) Already have her Go Bag (minus the Glock) in the truck. (Just kidding. She doesn’t have a GLOCK…)

Once, when I was still married to my -ex, we were eating dinner and what I meant to say was “Honey, would you pass the butter. please?” But what I actually said was “You Ruined My Life, Bitch!” It was an honest slip of the tongue.

Stopped raining and the sun came out so me and the Dog tried to do a tour of the back 40. Man, the ground is squishy! Feet were soaked within 10 feet of the door. Water pooled in places I’ve not seen water pooled before. Water was pooled on the downhill side of the path! (I am NOT kidding.) Couldn’t get to the back of the property so that’ll have to wait.

Noticed that I have not renewed the tags on my truck. They were due last July. Ought to get off my fat ass and get that done tomorrow. (DOL isn’t open today. I figure doing it online will take some time too and I might be driving to Seattle soon so need the new tags asap.)

Anywho, Very Wet & Windy SSDD around here. Think I’ll change out of these wet socks.

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