Man, I’ve Been Busy!

Last Sunday Bob (the Dirt Guy) and I spent almost all day getting his trailer unstuck out at a job he’s doing, then getting out to the property and loading my dozer on the trailer; then getting it unloaded at my house! Got it done though! What a trip!
Monday I spent about 6 hours just washing the dozer with my power washer. I was plenty greasy and muddy by the time I finished for the day! Was so tired I took Kathy out for Teryaki Chicken instead of cooking for us.
Today I spent all day getting the damned radiator out of the dozer. I mean ALL day. Had to borrow a “cherry picker” (engine lifter thingie) from the garage next door; then I had to borrow a 1″ socket. Turned out I needed 2 1″ sockets so I wound up going to the auto parts place and buying a complete large socket set. Meaning the sockets are larger than you normally buy. Had to take the front end off the dozer to get the radiator out! By the time I was finished for the day every inch of exposed skin was black with soot and grease! Had to scrub my hands for half an hour before I could get them clean enough to wash them. (Stop and think about what I just said! Yeah.)Â I’ll post a picture of the dozer as it is tomorrow.

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