Just A General Update…

‘Cause I haven’t posted in awhile. In reality; not much. Been enjoying the 90 degree plus weather by going out to the property (taking all my clothes off) and moving dirt around. Pulling dead trees out of the woods. Putting in guardrails and such. Generally just trying to be productive.
We had a 3 hour meeting with a general contractor this morning. Went well; I think. We’re really trying to get all the last numbers together so we can go for financing. Damn, I want to get this dome built! It would be SO nice to be able to quit working on the property and just go inside instead of having to drive 30 miles home.
Kat cooked pork chops for dinner on our new gas grill (camp type) tonight. Was pretty good. She’ll be leaving for Sisters, Oregon tomorrow to go to the annual quilt show on Saturday. Me -n- Poop Dog will miss her!

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