Little More Snow Tonight.

Went outside about 2100 and it was snowing like a son of a gun! Don’t see it snow that hard around here often. Only snowed about an hour and it’s back to rain. Cold rain; but rain. Ah well. I’d be okay for a foot of it out there.

Not much going on the past couple of days. Went out to the property again a couple of days ago to check how my drainage is working out. Except for a couple of places it’s doing good. Was raining way too hard when I was out there to try to fix anymore of it though.

So I just been hanging around the house; doing housework and stuff. My Brother-In-Law came by today and took just less than an hour to clean the travel trailer out (that he’d been living in). I did a walk through when he said he was finished and it seemed okay to me.

And that’s about it. Really boring!

Wind is starting to kick up out there!

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