2008-03-29-A Dilemma. Horns Of.

I am caught between the horns of a dilemma. Talking to the finance lady at the bank yesterday; they were more interested in the amount of money we have going out each month than what we actually owed. Especially the $400/mo and SWMBO sends out for my truck (well above the minimum payment BTW). I can understand that. So SWMBO and I were talking and selling my Digger came up (by me actually). Here’s the dilemma: I can sell the Digger for about $14k and we can become literally bill free. BUT I have a butt-ton of work I still need to do up at the property that I can do with the Digger. If I sold it we’d probably get financing fairly easily. But then we’d have to either rent a digger or rent someone with one to get some of the jobs done that need to be done prior to construction beginning on the dome. What do I need the Digger for? Trenches for the power, water & septic when we get those put in. Widening the dome hole. Final grading of the dome hole prior to building. Digging the footers. Pushing dirt into that hole at the top of the dome hole and pushing dirt back around the dome after it’s completed. Moving several downed trees. Road repair and maintenance. And probably a few more things I can’t think of at the moment. But if I sell the Digger we can pay off the truck, visa overdraft and (something else SWMBO mentioned) and probably qualify for a larger loan.
Not to mention that I was seriously thinking of starting my own business of doing light trenching and land clearing after the dome was built and we were moved in.
What Do I Do?
Finally (actually) snowed here about 2315 last night. Was really coming down mixed rain/snow but then turned to just snow for awhile. Had stopped by the time I went to bed. Hailed a bit today. Light looks funny out there right now (1900). Almost like it does in Ohio just before a tornado comes through.
Finally hooked up the speakers in this new monitor. They aren’t the greatest but they’ll do. Looking for a splitter so I can still run my subwoofer though. Did clear up a lot of space to put the subwoofer under the monitor and the two speakers in the back room. Found out my vcr has component video out (you know, that 3 pronged thingie) but not in (and S-video out only) so I can’t hook the HDMI/DVI(?) output from the video card in the Media Center in to the vcr. (We have one of those DVD/VCR recorder combo’s but it’s still called a VCR.) My TV’s about 11 years old (Thank You Sears Scratch-and -Dent) and has cable or composite/stereo inputs. The cable box has a few composite/stereo outputs also.
Brrr. Time to get a fire started.

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