A Week! A Week Has Gone By?

Damn! Let’s see if I can work my way backwards…

Finishing up stuff around the house. Made a beef stew for dinner that was/maybe the best beef stew I’ve ever made. SWMBO went back for seconds!

Yesterday, Tuesday, SWMBO went in to her office cause she had to give some kind of lecture to a bunch of her Doc’s. Mostly did stuff around the house (dishes, laundry, etc) and worked on that GDMFSOBB of a media server. Completely reinstalled Windows (how many times have I done that in my life!?) and the video drivers, etc. Can get it to show either on the tv or the monitor but not both. Bummer! Went to bed sort of early as I had a headache.

Monday last: Went out to the property and cut up some trees for firewood. Splurged and bought a new chain for my chainsaw and cut 4 trees in the same time it took me to cut one up last time I went out. Took some video I’m going to make into a time-lapse video with music for my regular site.

Sunday: Nice day out at the property. Not as nice as Saturday; but nice. Moved dirt around and dropped another tree.

Saturday: NICE day out. Get Naked nice! Moved some dirt around but had a half-assed headache so I stripped down and got my lounger out and just layed around in the sun. And wouldn’t you know it; two dirt bikers came up my road. So I got my shorts on and read them the riot act about going under peoples chains or over their gates. One of them looks at me and says "We’ll leave if you want us to". "Well, Duh!" Says I. "I didn’t want you up here in the first place. That’s why I put the chain across the road!" So they left. I went back to laying out. Headache didn’t really go away but it wasn’t bothering me as much.

Friday was our usual ’date night’. If I remember right we went to the Family Pancake House for brunch and made our usual Albertson’s stop. Battlestar Galactica was excellent as usual!

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