Nice Wx Monday. Wow!

Personally, having a loved one in the hospital presently, I’d like to thank each and every Hospital with a No Visitors policy, because of, you know, covid, for proving my assertion that Getting Vaccinated and Wearing Masks Do Not Work. And to an extent the arbitrary distance of 6 feet “social distancing” doesn’t appear to work either.

But, SWMBO brought up an interesting point: The No Visitor policy is for the Hospital’s protection; because if you walked down a hallway behind someone with the covid and you caught the covid you could sue the Hospital. Which is stupid but does happen. The sue part. Because we let someone get away with suing a hospital for stupid shit once and now can’t get away from letting everyone sue for stupid shit.

Sure, mistakes of a technical nature should be sue-able. But suits because a certain treatment did or didn’t work: nope. Otherwise: Shit Happens.

To my way of thinking (because I have a surfeit of common sense) is that IF a surgeon doesn’t take the time to look around and see if he’s left any tools/whatever behind before he closes up, then maybe he shouldn’t BE a surgeon. But that’s just me.

Which is why Medical Malpractice Insurance is expensive and that gets passed on to us. I just got charged $585 for a $10 immunization because Medicare only pays $241. Which is still $230 too much. If I had to pay that out of my pocket, I’d just chance getting pneumonia. And they wonder why folks don’t seek medical care until it’s almost too late.

But, don’t get me started.

Just doing shit around the house trying to keep it clean and somewhat orderly and not go fookin’ bonkers. That was a lie. Never in my wildest dreams will any place SWMBO and I occupy be orderly. She’s a pack-rat (won’t let me get rid of anything!) and I save stuff until I might need it later. But I am learning that if I put my tools (or whatever) back where they belong it’s way easier to find them the next time I need them. Who’dathunk?

I threw away a bunch of stuff last year that I’d been saving forever. Within 2 days I had to go buy something that I had just gotten rid of because “I’ll never use this.” I know how the Universe works and it’s pretty fucked up. But I continue to refuse to learn the lesson. If they’d make messiness mandatory though …

I’m why the BIN industry is a multi-Billion $ business. Thanks goodness for the $1 store.

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