Like Everyone Else In America…

We spent most of the day paying attention to the elections. Barack Obama will be the first Black President of the United States. Wow! I really never thought that would happen during my lifetime (nor a woman President) and I’m glad for him. I hope things work out well for him and US! But I’m kind of scared also. I just know there’s a Redneck with a rifle out there that is already making plans; and wether he (the Redneck) succeeds or not the aftermath will tear this country apart. So we’re loading up our 72 hour kits and have plans to retreat to our property for the duration of the riots that will invariably happen. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t wish harm to Obama (or anyone else). I sincerely hope he has a great Presidency (even if I don’t believe in Campaign Promises: Too much like New Year’s Resolutions for me). Just, be careful, Man.

CNN (well, ALL the news programs) really bugged me though. The polls on the West Coast were still hours from closing when they said Obama won. If I were standing in line to vote (somewhere on the West Coast) and I heard that I’d be sorely tempted to say "Fuck It!" and go home. If I Were In Charge I wouldn’t allow the News Programs to do what they did until all the polls were closed. So it’s probably a good thing I’m not in charge!

I’m so glad it’s all over though. Like with Christmas commercials I was pretty tired of all the hype (and attacks) of the political process. The Washington Governors race is still up in the air. So close that I’m thinking another recount will be called for. Probably by our present Govenor. Again.

Weatherman is predicting we’ll get 3-9 inches of rain over the next couple of days. We’re battening down the hatches even though I always take what the weather person says with a grain of salt. Most times they come out with stuff like this it doesn’t happen. At least not around here. You’d think that, weather wise, Seattle and Olalla would be almost n the same part of the world what with being only 20 miles apart and all.

Went to the property yesterday but forgot my camera at home. Bummer. There were some great clouds I’d have like to have gotten pictures of and the Olympics had a pretty good dusting of snow that would have been great to video. Ah well.

Wish I had some ’extra’ money. Circuit City is having their liquidation sale…

Really looking forward to the new Star Trek movie! Saw a teaser of the new ’old’ Enterprise and it was killer!

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