I Was Going Through My Stuff…

And came across a box of cassette tapes. Y’all remember cassette tapes? Sort of small enclosed reel-to-reel tapes. I was one of the first people in Yuma to switch over to cassette tapes from 8-track (not that I had that many 8-tracks). There really wasn’t that good of a selection of music just because there weren’t that many people buying them in Yuma. My first cassette player was about 1.5f wide, 1f deep and about 5 or 6 inches high. Mono. (Sound out of one speaker only.) And I got it second hand.

Anywho, cassettes saved a lot of space when I was stationed aboard ship in San Diego. I could store probably 3 times as many tapes in the same locker as someone that had all 8-tracks. (Believe it or not there were guys that had Albums stuffed in their lockers! Really!) Cassettes were ’the thing’ right up until 1984 when I got my first cd player.

But, back to this box of cassette tapes: I was going through them (the tapes) and had the thought "I’m older than cassette tapes." Bummer! Then I got to checking around and, yep, I’m older than 8-tracks. Bummer!

So, I showed this box of cassette tapes to SWMBO. She picked out quite a few that she wants me to convert to mp3 and put on our music drive. I guess if I don’t already have the album on cd, and I can’t find them cheap on e-bay, I may add them to the list of thing I want to do… (I should have just thrown the things away!)

Not much else going on.

I have a cousin Kathy whose been after me to send her my Mom’s old pictures. I guess waiting 10 years is long enough. Spent this afternoon, when I wasn’t sitting out enjoying one of the last days of summer sun, going through all my pictures and separating out Mom’s to send to Kathy. Think I’ll wrap them in a plastic bag, Just In Case, and mail them off to her tomorrow. Or the day after. Soon anyway. Still, it’s nice to have all my pictures at least partially organized by family…

Finished my bookcase but it’s still sitting in the basement cause I’m just not strong enough to get it upstairs by myself anymore. All you young folks take heed cause I’m only going to say this once: Do Not Get Old! As little as 10 years ago I could have thrown this thing up on a shoulder and carried it up the hill and into the house and looked for more. Not now. Oh no. Now if it weighs over 50 lbs I get help. Even if I have to wait for it.

Grilled burgers for dinner as SWMBO likes them and it was nice enough outside to grill this evening. Supposed to rain tomorrow. I think we’ve started our long slide into winter this week. Everyday will get cooler and cooler and wetter and, pretty soon, it’ll be winter. Crap! Last week we had a storm and the weather person said the "S" word. Luckily it stayed above 6000 feet (if they got any at all). But, it rains so much around here I don’t mind seeing a little "S" sometimes!

Anywho, that’s it from our part of the country. Time to check in with the Hollies…

In Al Jubail for Desert Storm 1990

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