Bout Dang Time I Posted Again!

I know. I know. Life, especially mine, gets into a rut where you do the same thing over and over and over to the exclusion of everything else. That’s My Life. Get up. Browse the Internet for a couple of hours each morning looking for a job while listening to the tv news. SSS and get dressed. Clean the kitchen. Do some laundry. Take the dog for a walk a couple times a day. Feed the cat. Listen to the news. Go to bed. Repeat.

Had some thunder today. Cool! Not a lot of rain though. Double Cool! Supposed to be getting warmer over the next couple of days. Really Cool! Looking forward to it.

Had a deer in the backyard today. Nice.

Been reading a lot lately about Oil-vs-Natural Gas, Americans-vs-Illegal Mexicans and Obama-vs-The Constitution. You don’t want to get me started.

Reinstalled X-Plane the other night and have been "flying" all over the place.

Installed Linux Mint 9 into a virtual machine the other day also cause my friend in Pa wanted me to look at it. Nice. I still like Aurox 11.1 though. Linux is a lot of fun to play with and I would switch over if I could do everything in Linux that I do in Windows.

Moved my desk into the "formal" dining room. Just couldn’t take the mess in the living room! It’s still messy but not where guests will sit around. I hate wires! But we’re stuck with them so I like to get them as out of sight as possible. Still doing internet through Verizon and it sucks. Verizon works great; but it ain’t high speed cable internet access. I need High Speed Internet Access!

Well, video’d the thunder we had today and am going to make a time-lapse and some music. Later!

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