The Friday After Christmas 2012

Looking forward to NEXT Friday; then all this holiday season bs will be over! Smile


Christmas went well. SWMBO liked her yearly subscription to I got my best present just being home. Her brother, our son and our neighbor (Walt) joined us for Christmas Dinner. SWMBO and our son made her Grandma’s Cookies (keeflee’s? Some kind of crushed walnut paste wrapped in dough) and really surprised her brother.

We even had about 1/2 inch of snow so SWMBO, the Ohioan, had her white Christmas. Personally, I was looking forward to the “up to 12 inches” predicted.

We went and had a pretty good ham dinner at a friends last night and played cards for a couple of hours. Was nice.

Other than that just not much going on around here. Not playing on the radio much. Not doing Facebook very much anymore. Updated my other sites and the NMARES site.

I *NEED* to get off my ass more!

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