‘Nother Busy Day. For Me…

Doing things around the house and mounting my Ham Radio into my truck. Well, I haven’t actually mounted it, but all the wires are in place. Put the radio in and took a trip to Allyn (to drop my generator off at Larry’s) and the radio worked just fine. It’s the antenna that I’m going to have to move. Cab blocks too much of the signal where it is on the top of the bed-edge. Looks like I’m going to have to put a hole in the middle of my roof! Ah well. She’s an old truck anyway. Smile Gonna ask the opinions of the guys at the MCARC meeting this Saturday before I do anything else.


Like I said: took my generator to Larry to get him to do a tune-up and whatever it needs to run again. Just in case we need it this coming winter. You know, this coming winter where we’ll get 5 feet of snow cause I sold my digger and have no way to move large amounts of snow now. Yeah, that winter!

Rita Hayworth

There was a conga-line of traffic coming back from Allyn. Crawled all the way from the High School (up on the hill) through town to my turn. It was only 1730 or so and I have no idea what was holding traffic up. Maybe I ought to vote for that by-pass?

SWMBO drug me downstairs for a couple of hours of putting in the flooring for our son’s room. What fun! At least we’ve mostly learned to work together on things like this. Planning and working together to build a house will do that with you. Or make you kill one another!

Ginger Rogers

And that’s about it for now. Just “chillin” until time to hit the rack.

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