Sunday Was Just Like Saturday…

Except I was a bit busier backing my computer and our videos/pictures to their respective external storage. Doing some laundry.


Making dinner for us and SWMBO’s Home Teacher and his wife. They’re over doing some genealogy learning. BBQ Rib(lets?), mashed and veggies. Smells pretty good but I guess we’ll find out…

Ow! Forgot I took my teeth out and just stuck a Chili Cheese Frito in my mouth. Ow!


MCARC 2-meter Chat Net @ 1930. Not sure we’re even going to have a “Net.” Repeater is still TU. Maybe I’ll just check if anyone has any emergencies.

Dang! Forgot about the laundry. Be right back!

I’m sure there’s a bowl of ice-cream with my name on it somewhere

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