Sunday Started Out Pretty SSDD

And pretty much stayed that way. Mostly. Bowl of Cheerios and watching a show about the “War of the Worlds” broadcast way back when. Its only 0900.

Started pulling up more of the flooring in the kitchen. Gotta have the new floor in before the cabinets are refinished. Gotta get the new cabinets in place also; which means getting out to Home Depot or ordering online and picking them up. Assembly and installation. I have way more skills than I want sometimes!

I have so much to do before the guy coming to measure everything for the refurbish gets here! I think things are going to be delayed a week or two. It just can’t be helped; especially since I’m doing all this alone.

Found the cabinets we need at Home Depot for $280/ea. I need three. SWMBO found some like them, custom built, online for $1400+. We’re going with Home Depot on this one.

Hoping the MCARC Sunday Night 2-meter Chat Net goes well. Several folks at the last meeting mentioned how much they liked that crappy video I took of the antenna repair with the drone. That was nice.

Wow. The Net went really well. Not many communication problems. Most everyone came through really well. Had 12 check-in’s (including me). Not bad at all!

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