What A Day!

So, SWMBO had some of her friends from church over for lunch. Quite a gathering. During lunch, her son decided he had to go somewhere. So he climbs into the car, runs the garage door up, and backs into one of the cars parked in the driveway.



It’ll be a long time before he gets to drive my truck again.


Rained, again, for most of the day. Kind of windy too. It’s 1430 and I have yet to get outside. Got a headache because of it, I believe. Well, doesn’t really hurt until I move too quickly. Then it’s THUD THUD THUD. Seems to happen more in Winter.


Oh, wait. I did check mail today. But I drove to the mailbox, rolled down my window to reach in and get the mail, rolled my window back up, and drove on home. So it doesn’t count as actually being outside today. Phew. Thought I had “misspoke” myself.

Almost bedtime. Wind has really picked up occasionally. Still raining. Time to turn on the electric blanket!

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