Nice Days Are Coming To An End

So I got off my lazy old ass and painted as much of the deck (that needed to be painted) as I could. Got most of it. I should have tomorrow to finish it off. Should.


Not much else going on. The usual chores. The usual trip to the Post Office to return Netflix. Made a stop at Safeway for some ‘stuff’ we needed.

Listened to the Noontime Net on 7268.5 today while painting. People check in from all over!


Used some canned beef warmed up in brown gravy, mashed potato’s, & green beans for dinner. Something tasted “funny” about the beef or gravy. Really not sure which. Stomach feels slightly “upset” now. Sort of like I could really puke if I let myself; but not quite. All I’d need is some kind of food poisoning!


And, by golly, that’s is just about it.

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