Why Anyone Would Want To Hack My Site Is Beyond Me. Asswipes.

I get this report daily. So far this is the most lockouts in one day from iThemes Security: Lockouts: There have been 150 lockout(s) including 80 user(s) and 70 host(s) locked out of your site. Asswipes. I’m just a small blog but have to have security that would choke a government security horse to keep it safe. Asswipes.


Pretty normal Sunday so far. Updated the MCARC site and tried to make it post to the other “Social” sites as needed. Not sure if it’s working or not. I figure I might as well update our FB page when I post; and there’s no reason the folks on G+ and Tumblr shouldn’t share in the fun. Supposed to have the monthly ARES check-in before the 2-meter Chat Net tonight.


Watching the guys pass pictures back and forth on EasyPal. Starting laundry. Got most of my “usual” chores done. Still need to move the 12 foot ladder out of the bathroom and back into the garage. SWMBO is going to make dinner tonight.

I gotta tell y’all one of the things that really bothers me. When I look in the mirror at my hair or beard, I see the occasional hair that is still dark brown. What? Didn’t they get the fookin’ memo? Or is that just Nature’s way of reminding me of what once was?


Dinner SWMBO made was delicious. The broccoli was done to perfection. Almost crunchy chewy without being too tough to actually chew. Shrimp Fettuccini I think she called it. Was good though.

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