I Just Don’t Understand This VSWR

On my AT-300 Antenna Tuner there is a gage. On the left it says “Forward”, on the right is says “Reflected” and in the middle are a bunch of red lines indicating SWR.

So, if I transmit at 25 watts (psk31), I can adjust the “tuner” to 1:1 SWR, very little “Reflected” and the “Forward” meter hovers between 50 & 100 watts.

Does this mean I’m transmitting about 75 watts (even though my output is set to 25 watts in the radio), or, does this mean that approximately 75% of my 25 watts are being transmitted? (If the latter, how do I improve output?)

Yeasu 857d, signalink, 6-160 dipole fed by approx. 100 feet ladder line through the tuner.

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