I Knew It Was Going To Happen!

Right side of my head hurt most all day yesterday. So, naturally, that means the Left side of my head had to hurt most of today. Can’t have one side hurt and not the other. That would be unfair.


So, got my chores done, managed to sit out in the warm sun for a few minutes, and made pseudo-BBQ Chicken, Southwest blend veggies, and Mac & Cheese for dinner. I’m not a real Mac & Cheese fan, but, for some reason, once I thought of it nothing else would have done. Chicken was tender enough to cut with a fork but still had that BBQ Sweet Baby Ray’s taste I like.


Also managed to be by the radio at the right time to talk to my friend down in Vista, CA this afternoon. Great signal. Marty from Eugene, OR joined us but I couldn’t hear him at all. I need to get off my lazy and start doing psk again. Made contact with my friend in PA last weekend and that was kind of fun.

Looking at new repeaters online. Where I can find any, that is. I’m thinking the club should go ahead and get the Yeasu DR-1X ($500 until Dec 31st) and give it a try. If it doesn’t work for us then I’ll buy the thing and we start over. I could always resell it later. Or play with it.


Anyway, SWMBO is home and fed and it’s about my bedtime.

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