Well, She Did Say To Add Raisins …

2016-09-18 13.32.13

To the Oatmeal/Peanutbutter cookies I made today.

Not a whole lot going on. Getting ready for my trip. Making cookies. Getting my usual chores done. Laundry.

Yesterday was our “date day.” She took me to a chili burger at Sisters Restaurant in Shelton. So I ate it. (The Chiliburger. Not … nevermind.) Then we stopped by ACE Hardware and had a look around. Lots of nice stuff. Then to the Dollar Store where I spent 14 of them. Dollars. Our usual run to Walmart and home.

Bought the latest Captain America video on Blue Ray. The DVD was $19. The Blue Ray was $21. ??? wid dat?

So I spent part of the afternoon making about 3 dozen cookies. Half just plain peanut butter and the other half oatmeal-peanut butter. Tastie!

SWMBO made her hamburger stuff for dinner and we watched Captain America – Civil War. (Was okay.) Then I caught the last 5 minutes of the regularly scheduled MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net. Had to get in the truck to do it. And pull down the driveway a bit. But it worked well.

Anywho, that’s about it. Not sure how many posts I’ll be making for awhile. I’ll try, but, I’m Old and after a day of driving I don’t know how I’ll feel about posting.

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