Another New Week Looms

VintageRed09aWell, hell, what can I say but: it’s been SSDD around here to the MAX.

Taking the Dog for a walk yesterday, we found what that “thump” we heard the day before was: one of our tree’s came down. Big one. It was rotten and didn’t have any branches/leaves and was full of woodpecker holes, so I kind of expected it to come down sometime. In any case I was going to go ahead and cut it down next summer. Now I just have to cut it up.

SWMBO took me to Family Pancake House in Port Orchard for our date meal yesterday. Our usual stop at Walmart (where we spent less than $100!).

Got a show called “Longmire” in the Netflix yesterday. Liked the first 5 episodes so much I went ahead and ordered the first 2 season’s on Amazon. Those should be in Tuesday or Wednesday.


Not a whole lot going on today. SWMBO came home from church early to get started on her homework. A Friend of ours came over and we did a “google image search” on some old family photo’s of his trying to find any information on them we could. We didn’t find squat. He got to eat dinner with us. That was good.

I get to run the MCARD 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net tonight. I’ll let you know how that went. Hope my reception is good tonight.

Net went well. Star Trek: TNS marathon is over (for this time). Think I’m gonna go lay down and read a bit. Or get caught up on FB & Tumblr. Probably that last. Probably.

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