Just Not A Lot Going On

Lazy Sunday. Got all my usual chores done; including laundry. Dog walking done (and we met a new neighbor while out). Big Bang Theory is converting. Radio is going on in the background. Been trying to snow outside but have had only occasional flurries.

All My Screens

Yesterday my Schweetie took me to the little Mexican restaurant in Shelton for dinner. It was good. Made our usual stop at Walmart and I bought one of those Keurig thingies. (Surprise, it actually makes a decent cup of coffee. And tea.) She still had homework to do so I spent the evening just messing around.

This evening, SWMBO wound up sitting in my room and watching “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” and just enjoying each other’s company. Nice. Spending time with each other. Movie was okay too.


And I still managed to get in on the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net! And they heard me! Cool!

But, that’s really all that there is today. Except: If it ain’t gonna snow for 9-15 feet, let’s end this Winter shit and move on to Spring. Summer would be better though.

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