Again. Just Not Posting For Some Reason

Could it be because my life is pretty boring and even I’m not interested in it? Could be!

NC08-004Finally had a fairly nice day so me and the Dog spent a lot of time outside Moving some antenna wire’s around. Moved one of the 2-meter antenna’s completely.  Tacked up some of the new security camera wires so they’ll be a bit more un-noticeable. And neater. (I hate wires!)

The MCARC Repeater guys finally got the “new” repeater installed and working. Sounds good. Even I got some good signal reports during the Net tonight. I kept hearing some “key press” noises and the final beep is strange and the repeater seems to take too long to reset; but, otherwise, it seems to be working great.

NC08-006Not a whole Hell of a lot going on around here. Been looking at new tractors online. Some nice one’s out there with bucket and digger for around $16k. Wish I could get one. (I really could use it even on this 3.2 acre piece of America we have.)

Thinking of going to town tomorrow and buy that roto-tiller we saw if it’s still on sale. Looked at craigslist and people want “new” prices for old equipment. If I have that choice I’m going with New everytime.

And that’s really it. End of Winter and just nothing going on. Yet.

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