Haven’t Been Posting As Much Lately

NC08-011And I really couldn’t tell you why. Bored? Tired? Depressed? All those things most of the time. But, still, I used to post a bit more often and regular. I think maybe it could be cause it’s towards the end of a long, dark, winter too. Getting to stay outside a bit later. Which I like. Sick of the damned cold and wet and that’s pretty much how the week has been. Except yesterday. Which was almost nice.

Not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. The Renter is settled down and working out just fine. The Old Renter (I did tell y’all all about this, right?) paid half the months rent. Forgot to get his keys from him. Doesn’t matter though cause I changed all the locks. She already has a new room mate and we’ll see how that works out.

Have almost quit the MCARC. That’s another long story for another day though.

I keep getting weaker. Start out okay in the morning but feel the need for a nap by 1030. The first walk up the hill I do okay; the second is  harder. The third is really hard. Part of it is my foot hurting, but the weakness is the worrying part. By the third walk I feel like I’ve already run a marathon and have to force myself to do the walk at all. Getting OLD I guess.

Got busy watching “Adam Ruins” with SWMBO.

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