Winter Storm Watch In Effect

Looks like the possibility of Snow is firming up. Cool! I’ve lived in Western WaRshington so long that I prefer snow over rain any day. Yeah, it’ll all melt (probably next Monday/Tuesday) but, in the meantime, it ain’t raining.
Not a lot going on. SWMBO and I made a trip to WinCo to “stock up’ on her tea’s and some other things. Not in case it snows us in; but because we needed to stock up anyway.
She made spaghetti for dinner and we sat and watched a couple of episodes of “Home Town.”
I bought a new blu-ray drive and 500g ssd for an old computer I had laying around. Those came in today so I installed them. Installing Ubuntu Studio on it now. Will use this SFF 2.33ghz to rip our cd’s, DVD’s, and Blu-Ray’s for the Media Server. Nice having everything in one place and not having to swap discs to watch something.
Oh, the final hardware for the “barn door” I want to install in the laundry room came in so I installed that. Not a bad job if I do say so myself. We used a hollow core door (not an actual barn door) cause I wanted to practice before spending a lot of money on a “real” door. Besides, it’s inside and it looks pretty good and it’s light enough for SWMBO to handle. We’ll probably leave it in. We put it up because the washer’s spin cycle is SO loud you can’t hear anything else anywhere in the house when it’s spinning. And it’s (the door) working. Hardly heard the last load getting done.
The last time we got a lot of snow we almost had a lot of trouble getting out of the driveway cause it was too deep. The front of the truck was acting as a plow! So I’m thinking, since I haven’t even ordered my Struck dozer, I’ll drive the truck to the road (1/2 mile) and back a few times to sort of “pre-rut” it. Still, they’re talking about “heavy snow” through Friday night, so, that may not work. Hope SWMBO can get out of the driveway Saturday for her stint at the Genealogy Library.

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