Sunday Morning Comin’ Down.

I look at her strangely cause she eats raw cake batter (I’m making pseudo pineapple upside down cupcakes for her) and she looks at me strangely because I put salt & pepper on my cantaloupe. Go figure. Northerners and their strange ideas!

Took one of my raspberry Pi’s and made the Hamclock. No idea what I’ll do with it cause you can’t run the Hamclock and run radio stuff without a lot of alt-tab’n on a 7″ screen. (Although I did VNC it to my desktop!) It works though. Except for the Dx monitor thingie. Haven’t quite worked out how to get that working. Just gives me more to play with.

Sunday. Got a wild hair and pulled all my pots and pans out both to see what I have and rearrange storage of them. Found a few things that I just don’t use anymore so they went into the Faith In Action box in the garage. The rest got re-stored. Only took 3 hours; during which SWMBO was chocked full of ideas. 😛

Tomorrow I’m going to start building the new shelves for my side of the garage. From there I’ll move in to fixing up the pantry (and maybe build some more shelves in there). Finally talked SWMBO into letting me make my/the guest bathroom smaller. (Move the toilet and install a smaller vanity and completely get rid of the tub then put a wall in and make one of the two closets we have on the main floor bigger. Which means I’ll have to rip out half the basement ceiling.) Trash run Tuesday. Vein Doc appt Friday.

OR I could take the cash and take her to see the Grand Canyon.

Hmm …

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