This Is Going To Be A Real Test For Me

SWMBO’s friend, crazy Nita, was admitted to the hospital last Thursday night with the Covid. Of course she presented with NO symptoms before hand and actually went to the hospital for back pain. And SWMBO had visited her last Monday and Wednesday, as usual.

SO, Friday evening SWMBO starts coughing and getting a runny nose. Saturday I stated coughing and getting a runny nose. By Sunday afternoon we both had about 8 of the 15 (or so) symptoms of Covid.

Oh, Joy.

Looking around online I found the local Rite Aid will administer a covid test: next Friday. OR we could bundle up and go to the Naval Hospital and get it done today. Which we did. Only took an hour. Fuckin’ cotton swab stung. Both nostrils. Ouch.

We came on home and laid in bed awhile trying to get warm. I finally got up and am making a baked sweet tater for dinner cause that’s all I feel like. Eating. That’s all I feel like eating. I feel like shit. Partially warmed over. Squashed on the bottom of a tennis shoe.

Test result in a day or two. They’ll call if we’re positive. I’m thinking I’m pretty sure we’ll be positive.

So, the TEST part for me is: Do I still believe folks should have the right to choose to get the vaccine (which hasn’t helped me so far) and wear/not wear masks? Or do I now believe everyone should be forced to do the same?

Freedom rules! It’s a pure bitch that we caught the covid (or whatever right now), but, shit happens in a free society.

Think I’ll hunker down for a bit. Still got chores to do and if I don’t do them no one will.

That’s a part of life too.

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