I’m Still Here. Just Busy. Really Busy.

The “rain percentage” you see on the news is called the Probability of Precipitation (PoP). It is a statistical measure of the chance that rain will fall at a particular location within a specified time period. The PoP is calculated by meteorologists using a variety of factors, including the current weather conditions, the forecast models, and the past weather history.

A 60% chance of rain means that there is a 60% chance that rain will fall somewhere within the forecasted area. It does not mean that it will rain everywhere in the area, or that it will rain for the entire forecasted time period. It simply means that there is a 60% chance of rain at any given point in the area.

The PoP is not always accurate. There is always a chance that the rain will not fall as predicted. However, the PoP is a valuable tool for meteorologists and weather forecasters. It helps them to communicate the likelihood of rain to the public and to make informed decisions about weather-related activities.

Here are some other things to keep in mind about the PoP:

  • The PoP is typically calculated for a specific time period, such as 6 hours or 24 hours.
  • The PoP can be different for different locations within the same forecast area.
  • The PoP can change over time, as the weather conditions change.
  • The PoP is not a guarantee of rain. There is always a chance that the rain will not fall as predicted.

If you are planning an outdoor activity, it is always a good idea to check the weather forecast and the PoP. This will help you to make an informed decision about whether or not to reschedule your activity.

No chance of rain around here today. Was nice and sunny and pretty warm out. Warm enough to strip down and go lay out for a few between the things I had to accomplish today.

Which were: Sliced up the two pork loins we bought yesterday into about 30 thick chops (sucker bagged and in the freezer now) with enough of that “not really chop worthy meat at the end” run through the instant pot (with one Dr. Pepper poured in) and shredded for the freeze dryer. All that’s in the freezer now.

The rest of the day was spent turning a 20 lb box of maters into stewed maters. Luckily it’s water bath canning. Made 24 pint jars in total. Every one of them “popped” the first time! Yes, I feel we also need some “canned” and frozen items around for those times we don’t have time to go through the whole “reconstitute” thing. And stewed maters work so much better than freeze dried maters for sauces.

Wow. Doesn’t sound like a lot even if I were to add in that I watered my grapes (which have begun turning purple!). Took me most of the day though. The maters. Not watering the grapes. That took only a few minutes. Nevermind.

Been spending a lot of time (weeks this time!) setting up KODI to be a media server both up here and down in the FILA. Only to find a media server called “emby.” What a nice program! Does pretty much everything I want a media server to do AND I installed it on the Terramaster NAS so any device in the house can tune in. I haven’t run a CAT 6 line to the FILA yet and emby works just fine on the ROKU. No lags at all. Nice. Now I’ve got 3 pi3’s and a pi4 to figure out what I want to do with.

Climbed on the roof a couple of days ago to move the Starlink antenna so I could run the wire through to the living room so the wi-fi would be a bit more centralized; which is why it works so well in the FILA now. I gotta admit that I’M ABOUT TOO FUCKING OLD TO BE CLIMBING ON THE ROOF anymore. Too unsteady on the sloped roof now. Oh, I’ll climb up there again if I need to, but, it might be time to have SWMBO keep an eye on me when I do.

Stuck at 222 lbs for a week now. Which is way better than the 257 I was a couple of months ago; but still: my goal is 200. But I’ve given up about all I’m willing to give up and am doing about all I’m willing to do without becoming an absolute freak about it or hurting myself. I’m changing my life; not “dieting.” It’s a slow process. Didn’t quit smoking in a day! (12 years ago now. Damn!)

Thinking about killing off stanking.org and olddocking.us since both are costing me a couple $100 a year to keep going. I’m thinking why keep running (backup) blogs no one is reading? Yes, keep the WordPress blog until they kick me out for posting bare tits or expressing ideas contrary to their political beliefs. Already got a 2nd warning from the google blog. Gotta keep the .org mail going for SWMBO though.

So, still here. Busy. Last of summer outside things to do this week.

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