Well, Hell. AFib kicked in Big Time!

Had a couple of episodes Wednesday night but nothing to really worry about. But by bedtime Thursday night it was constant with no breaks and about 2400 I had SWMBO drive me over to St. Mikes.

Got there at 0100 and after almost 18 hours and a butt-ton of blood draws, injections, tests, and radioactive materials injected and tracked (and a chemical stress test that WAS stressful!), I got to go home. Oh, after a stop at the Navy Hospital pharmacy.

So, what brought all this on. Well, I ordered a refill of the Xarelto and the Rite Aid pharmacy said “sure!” Then they said “Uh oh, we’re out but will order some.” So, two days after I’m completely out Rite Aid pharmacy says “Come on down! We got your meds.”

Cool. Only when I got there they wanted $465 for 30 Xarelto tabs. $465, Not happening.

So, I e-mailed my Doc to please send a Rx for Xarelto to the Navy Pharmacy. For another 3 days I did without and heard nothing. Thus the visit to the ER. Where they found I was low on Potassium (again!) and magnesium. And they found elevated Tropinen; which can indicate either a recent or soon to be heart attack.

Oh, the joy. Off to observation it is then. I got so tired of laying around. I’m really not a laying around type. So I prowled the halls and probably put on a couple of miles. But after all those tests it turned out I was simply (simply) low on Potassium and Magnesium. The 4 more Tropinen tests were inconclusive. Go home.

Via the Navy pharmacy where we sat for an hour waiting on my Rx to be filled.

Once we got home I hit the rack and didn’t get up until 11 hours later. Nice.

Went to the Fly-In at the Bremerton Airport (KPWT) and had a blast today. Got to do a virtual flight in the Air Force booth/trailer and almost crashed my jet. Definitely getting a virtual setup now! Nice seeing the T-28’s in the air. Nice seeing the F8F and P-47 flying and making simulated attacks. Just a nice day out there.

I’m going to bed. If this all seems jumbled it’s cause I’m still tired. Sorry about that.


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