Mar 30

1st Get Naked And Lay Out Day 2016!

Between tearing apart one of my raised bed planters (dressed, unfortunately, cause I don’t want to gross out the Renter’s Girlfriend) and assembling the new whack weeder (putting the blade head on), and just laying out, I managed to stay outside from around 100 to 1600. Nice! Started planning how to pressure wash the roof this week. (Probably dressed cause the Neighbors-From-Hell would probably complain about a Naked Old Guy pressure washing his roof. Bastards!)


I never in a million years thought I’d live someplace that 67 degrees would feel really nice! But around here a sunny 67 degrees is nice. I hate this place.


Really. That was all of my day. Not real productive but got some things started that I’ve needed to get started. . Microwaved myself a lasagna (individual serving) for dinner just cause. MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well with 12 check-ins. About time for SWMBO to get home

Mar 29

Wow! Large Bright Warm Thing In The Sky

Holy Crap! It actually got warm enough to go lay out and soak up the Sun’s energy today. Had to stay dressed cause the wind was blowing and that was still kind of cool (Wx wise); but it was nice out there! My black pants and black t-shirt got burning hot. Nice! Supposed to be sunny and getting warmer all week. Cool!


Took the newer rider mower over to my friends house. Aside from the battery being just so much trash, the seat safety switch was busted, and the coil is shot. He’s already got everything but the coil fixed; had to order that. Should all be done by Friday he says. Cool!

Other than that just didn’t get a whole lot done. Which will probably last the length of the “good” Wx were in line for. God, I Love Being A Turtle! Oh, wait. Wrong quote.


SWMBO is home and has her dinner (egg salad sandwiches) and is relaxing from her hard day at work. I’m going to go lay down and read a bit. Probably Tumblr.

Mar 28

Monday? Really? Gawd. Felt Like Monday.

martian1bMy lovely, young, bride asked me yesterday “Why do you like ‘The Martian’ so much?” After a minute of thought it boils down to this: Mark Watney, a man actually a victim of disaster, doesn’t act the victim. Aside from showing us on Mars; where we should have been making regular trips to, from our base on the Moon, over 20 years ago. (And, yeah, I know it’s a movie.) I’d go there tomorrow if I could.

Made a run to the bank to cash a check for SWMBO. Tried dropping the money off with our financial lady; but they don’t accept cash. So, tomorrow, I’ll have to re-deposit the cash and get a money order or cashier’s check for them. The Joy! But, mostly, I like doing things for SWMBO. Mostly.

Just tried out that hook-to-the-hose car brush washer thingie I got at Home Depot last Saturday. Yep, need to save that shit for a much warmer day! But, it works. Would have worked better if I hadn’t gotten into a hurry cause my hands were freezing; but it works.


Sun finally came out and it’s really not that bad out there. Still kind of cool. So I loaded the “new” rider-mower a friend gave me into the back of the truck and am going to take it to another friend that fixes small engine things for a living. Would rather give my money to him than to a “faceless” corporation. Saw that our grass is really starting to grow and will need cutting in the next week.


Did manage to sit out in the sun between bouts of getting my regular chores done. Hung a hanger-thingie on a garage wall to hang the new whack weeder on. Made some more jigglers. (Orange and Lime layers this time.) Took the Dog for a walk then kicked his ass around the big room awhile. (He loves both!)

And that’s really about it. Normal day, mostly. SWMBO finally got home. Gonna spend some time with her!

Mar 26

Date Day Saturday! Yay!

s10bWhich was mostly an SSDD Saturday until I decided to get the Hell off my Old Ass. So I went out and tested the new pressure washer I got last week. Had to go get some gas first though. But it worked just fine once I figured out that using the “soap” nozzel was not going to put out the pressure I was looking for. The other nozzels worked just fine! So I kinda sorta went over the truck and got the worst of the caked on mud washed off.

My new course from the Learning Company came in the mail. “New Frontiers: Modern Perspectives on Our Solar System.” The first two lectures were pretty good. Hopefully the next 22 will be the same.


SWMBO got home from the Genealogy Library and took me to Denny’s for dinner. I had the chicken & pork quesidilla(?) but couldn’t eat all of it. It was good but I just wasn’t that hungry.

Then we went to COSTCO and got a whole bunch of stuff but not what we actually went there for. They were out of that. So we consoled ourselves with $100 of other stuff.


Then on to Home Depot where I bought a new, gas-powered, straight shaft whack weeder with a blade attachment so I can get after those <whateverthehellthey’recalled> bushes out in the back 40. All told we walked out of Home Depot $300 poorer. (Oh, bought 2-25 ft pressure washer hoses too.)


Made our usual stop at Safeway on the way home. I bought, don’t tell anybody, whole milk this week. I figure once every 5 years (or so) isn’t going to hurt me. What will happen is I’ll forget it’s whole milk and spit it our cause “it tastes funny.”