Mar 13

Did Y’all Know That There Is Such A Thing As Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty?

Which sounds particularly horrible to an Old Guy that grew up when there were only two sexes. Who in their right minds would do such a thing? People in their Left minds, I know. The freakin’ weirdo’s are running the asylum.

Not to mention that there was a surgeon, sitting around with nothing to do, bored out of his/her skull, that thought “I hate men so much. How can I turn a penis into a vagina and get people to think that’s normal and pay for it?”

My Ex- wanted a boob job at one time. Took me to a boob job guy. Showed me his (before and after) catalog of boob jobs. Got mad when I found a pair I liked. The Ex-. Not the boob job guy. Nevermind.

NEVER pick your wife’s new boobs! NEVER even indicate that you’d be interested in picking new boobs for her. (Or appear to enjoy looking at a catalog of boobs even if she tells you to look. Make her twist your arm.)

Ah, the things not covered by my parents as I was growing up. Guess I shouldn’t have licked the pages …

I’d talk more about “Cranial-Rectal-Inversion” but like to keep my posts fairly short. Something one can read in one sitting. Getting started on that subject invariably goes from Gov. Inslee here in WA State to EVERYONE in Washington D.C. with stops along the way for some “local color.” You don’t want me going there…

BUT, with the mid-term elections coming up, the before mentioned Gov followed the science and is killing off most of the mask-mandate because everyone knows that nasty covid germ has finally learned that it can only infect us on the walk from the front door of a restaurant to the table you sit at but “Y’all can chance it from now on because it’s YOUR decision.” Now the Democrats will spout off ad nauseum about how they stopped the pandemic and killed off the mandates (and set you free!) so VOTE FOR US again.

Not gonna work with me.

SWMBO’s son came over today and started the tear out of the MILA. Was at it most of the day and will be back tomorrow. He’s earning that $250. But, hey, I probably would have given him the money anyway (since he isn’t working now), but it’s nice to see he’ll work for it.

Anywho, that’s about it. Supposed to rain the rest of the week. Let’s go Brandon and we ain’t getting any younger.

Be safe out there.

Mar 12

I Swear I Been Meaning To Post For Over A Week Now!

But I get busy doing “things’ and forget until it’s bedtime. And by then I’m too damned tired to stay up and do any more “things.”

The only major thing that’s happened is we got our new Harvestright freeze dryer a few days ago. Got it all unboxed and set in place (involving calling SWMBO’s son over to help the OLD GUY lift the danged thing) only to find that it takes a NEMA 5-20 socket. Which I don’t have.

So, went through Yelp (don’t EVER go through Yelp!) looking for an electrician to do the 30 minute (maybe) job of converting the 220v 30amp circuit behind the freezer to a single (or double) 110v 20a socket. All the replies I got were in the $250 range (except the one guy that wanted $125/hr with 2-hours minimum plus parts plus tax).

No. Just no. I’m not paying that much for a 20-30 minute job. Just not happening. I can do it myself; I just didn’t want to.

Of course I’ve been watching “The War” and all that. Biden is such a dipshit. He could easily start to fix our energy problems by re-opening the pipelines. Dork! The one time we really need a man on a hill with a rifle … And now he’s wimping out on the possible land war in the Ukraine. THAT didn’t send any messages to Putin. Biden is a traitor. Most Democrats are traitors. Some Republicans are traitors. All of them should be run over with a bus. A heavy bus. With spikey tires.

SWMBO and I were planning a trip to Ohio so she could visit her slowly deteriorating Mom. With gas at $5/gal right now I’m not sure we’re going to be making that trip. Not with the RV. Maybe we could drive and stay in motels; but we’d probably have to leave Wiz home. That’d suck. And if gas goes up more (which I’m pretty sure it will) then I’ll just fly SWMBO back there to visit and me and Wiz will stay home.

Hiring SWMBO’s son to¬† help me tear the wallboard out of the MILA. Have an appointment with a construction guy middle of next week. (Or the next week after that. Would have to check my calendar cause I suffer CRS!)

Otherwise, SSDD.

I’ll try to get off my fat old ass and post a bit more. With the new Freeze Dryer I’ll probably make a couple of YouTube video’s where I “experiment” with the freeze drying. Oh, my “baby bok” hydroponics experiment is going really well. yay!

Feb 27

I Wish I Could Fight Like Harley Quinn Did When She Broke Out Of The Torture Chamber.

So, 2/22/22. Who’d a thunk. Do I have to note 2222 hrs tonight? I hope not. That’d mean staying up late.

Not a whole lot going on today. Had a very, very, very light snow for about 5 minutes earlier this morning.

Dog and I didn’t go for our usual walk since SWMBO was taking her friend (and her (the friends)) dog home. I tried to delay breakfast until she (SWMBO) got back but she called and said her friends son is still in pretty bad shape and may be going back to the hospital. Which means her friend would come back here since she’s too old to be alone for any length of time. Bummer.

So I’m puttering and learning to use ffmpeg from the command line. Made that .gif you’re seeing. Ms. Chapman certainly had legs worth showing off! Was having troubles cropping and resizing until I realized that I had an extra “w” in the variables. An actual “w.” Wasn’t supposed to be there.

I don’t like the quality though. See how it looks almost “pixelated?” Or is that a kind of moire pattern? Either way, it sucks. But I really haven’t found a program (in Linux anyway) to easily make an animated gif from a video file. Nor an .apng (which it seems a lot of sites don’t really use anyway). And, the better the resolution, the bigger the file. You ever try loading a 103mb .gif file in your viewer? Takes forever.

Too bad one can’t just embed a video file in an e-mail (how I post) without hosting said video file somewhere on the web first. Meaning: one should be able to embed .webm (etc) in your e-mail and hit send.

Ok, Have to admit that this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a week. I was gonna post; then Russia invaded Ukraine and I kinda sorta got caught up in sticking to the NEWS and following that.

AND making runs to the stores to get some long-term storage items (including 50 lbs of various types of beans and rice)(which I know how to cook and use)(and we will use!) and some other things. All for JUST IN CASE. Cause I don’t trust Brandon nor the other “government” public thieves, er, servants.

Watch Washington DC! IF the government fools start to disappear, just drop out of site, run for the hills. Batten down your hatches. Shit is about to hit the fan.

Otherwise, SWMBO and I are doing well. Date day(s) are still great. Otherwise we’re retired. Oh, yeah: river of rain coming in from Hawaii and we’re supposed to get REALLY wet over the next few days. The joy.

Watching a lot (LOT!) of freeze drying video’s on YouTube. Made sure my house is grounded. Turning part of the basement into bulk food storage.

Was working in the basement and had to pick up a 4x8x1″ sheet of siding and saw shooting stars in my vision before sitting it back on the ground. Maybe I really am getting old? And maybe that fookin’ Maderna jab fucked me over?

Anywho, more later. I hope.

Feb 22

I Was Once In A Band Called 1023MB. We Were *So* Close To Our First Gig.

SWMBO said “Let’s spend some real money.” So I took her to Red Lobster for date day dinner. With the tip, and minus $6.50 Military discount, the grand total was $75. That’ll put a dent in my weekly supply of teething crackers. Back when we first started dating $20 got us both steak dinners with all the fixins.

But somewhere along the line I got old. And prices went up. And up. And UP. And now I can’t even really eat steak anymore. Unless I make it in the Instant Pot then broil it for a nice “sacrificial meat” coating & taste. BBQ works too. Cooking it in the Instant Pot really makes it tender.

Finally got off my old fat ass (or fat old ass) and started tearing out the walls I want gone in the MILA. Looks like they ARE load bearing (damn!) so will now have to figure out how to fix that. (Yeah, I know. Long support beam or steel beam. Both spendy.) But I do like the additional light that gets into the “living” room from what was the smaller bedroom. Even as torn up as it is it’s starting to look better. To me. We’ll see what SWMBO has to say about it.

So, ah, it’s Monday now. Presidents Day if I remember right. COULD snow today according to the Weather Weenies (but I doubt it will here). Supposed to get extra cold the next few days. Oh, joy.

Ordered a Harvestright Freeze Drier yesterday. Spendy! Got an extra set of trays and a couple of bottles of the pump oil. Should be here in 8-10 weeks. Really looking forward to experimenting with what I can & can’t freeze dry. Maybe I’ll video my experiments and post to my YouTube.

SWMBO took me shopping at Walmart and we spent way too much money again. Pretty much got only what we needed, but, everything is way more spendy than even last week. WTF?

Then her 77 year old friend called that her son (the friends) was being put in the hospital for the night and could SWMBO pick her up and keep her for awhile. All this just before dark. SWMBO can’t drive after dark anymore.

So I got to take SWMBO to pick up her friend (half way to Shelton) in the dark (on coming lights are a bitch nowadays!) and bring her (and their dog) back to our place.

So far it’s been a hoot. And I don’t mean that in a great way. Oh, the friend is loud and brash and “pushy” but SWMBO likes her. So I’ll survive.

Bought another black bin to grow “baby choi” in. If I keep this up I might as well get the basement ready to be my winter garden.

Also picked up the new “Dune” and “No Time To Die” and am ripping them now.

NMARES Net tonight went well. About 9 check-ins or so. (I really didn’t pay attention.)