Feb 14

Sometimes It’s Sad To Realize Some Of My Favorite People In The World Are Just Characters On TV. Not Real At All.

Just not a lot going on through the weekend. Or even before the weekend.

Signed the papers for the reverse mortgage last week. Glad that’s out of the way. Now SWMBO has a place to live the rest of her life even after I kick the bucket. One less worry. Not going to get a check every month, but, the “line of credit” is nice. We’ll be able to get a lot done around here finally.

My hydroponic experiment is going well. Pretty soon I’ll be able to eat lettuce on my sammiches that I grew. The lettuce. Not the sandwiches. I didn’t grow the sandwiches. Nevermind. Bought some “bok choi(?)” seeds to try those next. Been using that with celery in recipes that call for celery and it’s been pretty good.

I love experimenting in the kitchen. And sometimes I even cook in there.

Date day last Friday we went to El Sombrero’s over in Port Orchard. Always one of our favorite restaurants. I, as usual, over-stuffed myself on bean dip (with salsa mixed in) and chips long before dinner arrived. So I, also as usual, got to bring about half the meal home with me.

Bought a couple of cans of Crisco and a couple of those terracotta garden pots on our Walmarche run to try those “emergency heating/candle” methods I’ve been watching on YouTube. Sure, the candle part works but you’d need 3-4 of them sitting in the same area to be able to see anything. I can’t seem to keep the wick long enough to produce a usable flame.

Turning terracotta garden pots over and positioning them over the open flames WILL get the things too hot to touch using just candles. Just not sure if they’d get hot enough to actually heat a room in our 12-ft ceilings house. Maybe 4-5 of them all at once. Saw another video tonight where they used a big steel pot and now I’m wondering how one of my iron skillets would do. Great! Something to try tomorrow!

Think I’m going to splurge for a good wok. One already seasoned. Wonder if any come with the cook attached? When the Turner Joy (DD-951) stopped anywhere on our WESTPAC, while the rest of the crew was looking for a McDonald’s, I was looking for the local eatery with the most people sitting in it. If they’d let me in (some places in Sasebo were non-white/Americans) I’d go in an order some thing that looked good. Most times I was not disappointed. Sometimes I got the screaming shits. But it was always interesting.

Where’d that come from?

Been a bit too busy to post over at Redneck Mormon. Been watching what’s going on but too busy with actual life to indulge in even the occasional snarky post. Well, I say snarky… I’ll get back to it one of these days. Probably. Not that my “boomer” beliefs will win anyone over. I may join in if the American truckers/public decide to take a play from the Canadians and have a “Truck The Mandates” event.

But, has anyone else noticed that the closer we get to mid-terms the more the Democrats are changing their stance on masks, etc? Sure, the science hasn’t changed but the definition of what is science sure has. But I’m sure way too many folks will fall for it. I won’t.

Oh, is that Olympics things still going?

Feb 08

Not One Second. I Will Not Waste One Second On The Olympic Games This Go-Round. Fuck China. Fuck NBC. #LGBFJB

Transparent Aluminum anyone?: “Impossible” 2D material is light as plastic and stronger than steel (2 minute read)

Scientists from MIT have developed a scalable production method that allows polymers to form 2D sheets while keeping their strength intact. Using the method, the team developed a material called 2DPA-1. 2DPA-1 is an extremely thin and lightweight material with a yield strength twice that of steel. It can take six times more force than bulletproof glass and it is completely impermeable to gases and liquids. The material could be used as a protective coating for vehicles and electronic devices and even as construction material.

But, can you build Ships and Planes (fighters) out of it? And we thought plastics were indestructible before. They do need to figure out how to convert all the OLD plastic into NEW plastic in an easy, and economical, way. Wall-E world anyone?

Anyone else see anything wrong with this recent Fox News front page:
Dem finally ends school mask mandate as liberals are caught red-handed breaking their own rules

Feb 07

My Body Is A Temple; But It’s One Of Those Temples In Thailand Where They Let Monkeys Shit All Over The Place.

Was going to post earlier, but …

Saturday evening SWMBO’s nose started bleeding about 1730 (or so) and when we couldn’t get it to stop (both of us being retired Navy HM’s and her a ENT Tech) almost 2 hours later, I took her to the Urgent Care in town. Got there just before they closed at 1930.

They shot her nose up with Afrin and put a clamp on her nose, but, a half-hour later it still hadn’t stopped. They (the Urgent Care Docs) thought she should go to the ER at St. Michael’s. So I drove her there. WAY cheaper than an ambulance!

Ok, can I get my FREE shit now?So we got to sit around there until almost 0030 with them trying a heavy duty (cocaine based?) coagulant (which only worked for a few minutes) until, finally, they put a gauze-wrapped balloon up her snout, pumped it full of air, and told us to go home.

That seems to have worked. And, except for having to promise SWMBO I would make NO airhead refill jokes it’s gone pretty good.

Oh, “they” think that the cause was a combo of her blood pressure going up (kinda suddenly) and the blood-thinners she’s still on for the covid pneumonia/embolism she had.

Sunday morning I slept in until 0620 and, I swear, the clock changed to 0730 while I was looking at it. So yesterday was kind of a lazy day. Did all the usual chores (and made a tasty damned dinner), otherwise mostly just sat around watching NCIS. Got warm enough that I could go outside in a t-shirt; under my light jacket. Sunny though.

Hey! My Social Security “benefit” it going up by 5.9%! Woo Woo! From $1048 to $1096. Of course, the Medicare Medial Insurance jumped from $148.50 to $170.10 cause the goovernment can’t “give” you something without taking at least some of it back. Which I shouldn’t have to pay anyway since I was promised free medical for life if I did 20 years (and two wars) in service of that same goovernment. Which I did.

Noticed in the news that that same goovernment is going to fund a program to give out FREE crack pipes but ONLY to “minorities” and LBGTQXYXZ folks. I Can tell you one thing about being White: You can get tired of paying taxes so ONLY certain folks get FREE shit. Which ain’t racist, apparently. Unless I complain about it; then I’m racist.

Remember when doing drugs was a bad thing and “they deserve what they got?” It’s still that way; but only if you’re White. Otherwise it’s “not their fault cause the system keeps them down.” Which is true or the goovernment wouldn’t be giving them FREE crack pipes – drugs – places to “safely” get high. Which doesn’t promote getting of the freakin’ drugs and get a life one fuckin’ bit. Funny how “they” keep you down by being “nice” to you, ain’t it? Kind of keeps you on the free teat farm.

But, “free” medical for someone who’s actually done something for the Country is beyond the pale.

Feb 03

I Went To A Local Psychic And Knocked On Her Door. She Yelled “Who Is It?” So I Left.

I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Grew up wearing t-shirts and jeans almost everywhere I’ve ever lived. My lovely-young-bride of 36 years (or so) thinks it’s “weird” that I have a stack of (stained from everyday living) T-Shirts that I wear every day AND several “like new” T-Shirts that I wear for “special occasions.” (ie: Date Day. Church. Weddings and Funerals. Stuff like that.)

Even the Navy, in my early career, we wore (basically) jeans (Dungarees) and a light work shirt (chambray?) over our t-shirt. Until someone in a dark dungeon of an office fucked with our uniforms and switched us to that “working” POS uniform that one had to pull over our heads if the thing caught fire. Navy blue top and dark pants. But, at least it wasn’t pantsuits.

Working blues on the hospital wards was barely ok. Summer whites: looked good on most everyone. Especially those shapely young ladies I was allowed to notice way back when I was single. Didn’t want patients messing them up though. I worked the Peds ward. I was always a mess.

50 years later they still look good but I’m not allowed to notice.

Hate getting old.

SWMBO and I got up and went to the Naval Hospital pharmacy this morning before going out to breakfast. Tried the “new” check-in by phone but messed it up by sending in the wrong number from our ID cards. So had to pull tickets and wait anyway. TWO hours before we got out of there! It amazes me that they (the pharmacy) has 12 (Twelve!) windows for customers; of which only 4 were open at once. Four. From the time one gets a ticket to wait it’s 55 minutes to wait to check in at one of the open windows after waiting. Then it estimated (guesstimated) that it’ll be another 60 minutes to get your meds.

Even the Naval Hospital pharmacy has abused and redefined the meaning of “Hurry up and wait.”

Think I’m going to say fuck it and move to mail me my shit and I’ll pay the freakin’ co-pay. Will probably save money on gas and will save a shit-load of time.


Not a lot else going on. I read the paper(s) (online) and get upset at the way our country is being run into the ground and stupid people (Hello Whoopie!) saying shit that ain’t so and I have a LOT to say about that. BUT. But. I don’t because once I get started …

So, prices are high. Inventory is low. Biden is the head retard of a group of retards. AOC should come over to my place and actually meet an American. Maybe I’ll give her a reach around. Maybe I won’t. All the rest of them should be sent one way to Mars to start the terraforming.

OH, the webmaster of our North Mason Amateur Radio Emergency Services Club (NMARES) died last week. He was only 85. But now our club website is locked behind his now gone passwords on his personal servers (along with a lot of his other customers “stuff”). So I’m going to be the new webmaster.

And I’ve let the members know that I’m gonna be 70 next June so they MAY want to find someone a bit younger to be my backup “just in case.” I don’t mind doing it but wouldn’t mind the coverage.