Oct 02

Friday. Date Day!

I’ll tell ya: When Cap picked up Thor’s hammer and wielded the lightning, it was a goose-bump moment.

But I have no life.

Date Day and I have no date. Well, I do, but she can’t go anywhere. Unless they get a bed in Seattle; then she can go there. Once she gets settled *I* can go there. That’ll be Date Day.

Man, took a long time to get nowhere, didn’t I? That’s because it’s 0530 and I won’t wake up until the 2nd cup of coffee has kicked in.

So, drove into Port Orchard and got some “stuff” at Walmart; including the “Black Widow” movie.

Stopped at St. Vinnie’s  and got this for SWMBO:

It felt fairly comfortable to me. Got some strange looks laying down on it but one guy gave a thumbs up. Guess he’s picked out a couch before.

Had only minor troubles getting the thing into the house. Only weighed about 40 lbs with the cushions removed; just bulky. And I’m getting old. Can’t move furniture like I used to way back when. Have no idea where I’m going to place my chair now. We’ll figure it out.

She did comment that I seem to be partial to plaids. Not that she wouldn’t lay on it or anything. For $35 (half price Friday) it’s in pretty good shape and they must have cleaned it. But, as always, SWMBO will have the last word.

Baked tater with lots of melted butter and a touch of sour cream for dinner. Didn’t think I was hungry until I started eating.

Hey, that was a pretty good movie. I enjoyed it. The very last after all the credits scene messes with the Avengers timeline though. Otherwise I’d think you should watch it after Captain America-Civil War and cut out that last scene completely. Or move it to the end of the last Avenger movie.

I know. I know. Get a life, King.

It’s like my Ma used to always tell us kids: Everyone makes mistakes but that doesn’t mean we don’t love you. So I want you to think about that as you pack your shit and get the fuck out.

Oct 01

Thursdays Are Always Fun

Pretty much SSDD. Sprinkling out so we’re stuck inside. Did manage to make our morning mile. Tried walking the back 40 (.21 mile round trip) and was just feeling too fatigued to do it more than once. I know: Would I like some cheese with that whine?

My New          Sunglasses

SWMBO texted me that they’ve put her on 50 high flow 60 liters and her O2 sats are still above 90. Cool! (I’m hoping that she means that’s 50% O2 @ 60 ltr/min.) If she keeps improving at this rate she’ll be home in almost no time. Hopefully.

Replaced one of the remaining lights in the big room and it just wasn’t working right. It would even start flashing when a particular switch setting was chosen. Weird. So I wound up taking it down and checking it out. One of the wires to the LEDs came loose. So I got out my trusty rusty soldering kit and fixed it. I think. Won’t know until I plug it in. My soldering skills leave much to be desired. I’m of the “more solder is better” school. Some of my connections you could use for a fishing weight.

Again. Forgot to finish off and upload this again. I swear I’m getting old.

New York’s Branch Covidians: What a nimrod. But all in keeping with Democrats efforts to kill off regular Americans so they can take over completely.

What happens when you look in the fridge and find a couple of slightly over Use By dates

Well, finished the big room. All the lights are now LED and I think they look pretty good if I do say so myself. Had a light “left over” so I replaced the light in my bathroom.

Called SWMBO. She’s still in Silverdale. Still at the same settings for her O2 that she was last night. Which is good. Means she didn’t get any worse. Which is good. (I know y’all are probably bored with the on going SWMBO saga; but you’ll just have to deal with it. My Schweetie. My Blog.)

Think I’ll go to St. Vinnies tomorrow and pick up a comfortable, but cheap, couch for her. She needs a place to lay on her side or stomach to breathe and I don’t want her stuck in the bedroom cause there’s no place else to lay. We have 2 2-person “couches” in the library but they aren’t long enough to lay on and be comfortable.

And, honestly, it’s about time to replace those too.

Sep 29

Windy Tuesday. Outside Too!

Watching a video on Youtube about “The Blizzard of 1978” in northern Ohio (SWMBO is from Toledo/Oregon but was in Boot Camp in Florida during this storm). To me, the funniest part is when they show someone doing a report in the field and the reporters signs off “yada yada yada. I’m so-n-so out in the field, with the Minicam.” Every single one of them. Kind of neat that, back then, having a video camera in the field was so new it was worth mentioning in the report. Also cool to think that now I have a camera in my phone (my phone!) that’s better than any of those $30,000 minicams were back then. Although they were pretty good for the time.

Speaking of which, SWMBO video called me a couple of hours ago only to have that much better cam in her phone shut it down for lack of power. All I know right now is that she’s still in Silverdale and “they’re” still trying to find out if her insurance will cover her being in the Pulmonary Rehab hospital in Seattle. She looks healthy but still on high flow oxygen. She sounds good but coughs occasionally. She’s still cute as ever.

I don’t (usually) wish anyone harm, but, sometimes karma is a bitch: Karen Croake Heisler: 67-year-old former Notre Dame professor says “damn the unvaccinated,” dead 12 days after third Pfizer mRNA injection. (Bye Bye, Crazy Lady.) I did like how her last tweets blamed the “unvaccinated” clogging up the hallways and beds when she had no way to tell who had/hadn’t been vaccinated without looking at their medical records, or asking. Another Liberal caught up in the act of blaming everyone else for her shortcomings.

Because, you know, equality is dead in America: Washington university creates segregated housing specifically for Black students. (I hate this State.)

And so, I’m about to quit reading the “News” completely. I don’t watch it on tv anymore because I get only 1 station out where I live and Q13 FOX News is about as liberal as they come. I haven’t watched the News in a couple of years now.

Dang. SWMBO called me just before bed last night and I forgot to post this. So you, lucky you, get it tonight! Cool!

Pretty much SSDD today with addition that the Dog and I made half a dump run. Took the 3 full garbage cans today and will take the recyclables (cardboard and plastics mostly) tomorrow. That was a quick $13 and I didn’t even have to drive very far.

Replaced one more of the boob lights in the main room. Two to go. Figure one a day will keep me busy. If I were to fall from that 12′ ladder though …

SWMBO’s Visiting Teacher (well, what there is left of that) brought over some casserole, four ears of corn, bag of apples, and a half of one of those small watermelons the other day. Already had (a couple of days worth of) chicken thawed out so I didn’t get to the casserole until today. Not sure what kind it was. Lots of burger and I think I noticed some zucchini. Everything was mushy. The watermelon was good once the appropriate amount of salt was sprinkled on it. Butt-ton of seeds for such a small watermelon.

Oh, SWMBO is now on 70/70 which means 70% oxygen at 70 ltr/hr and her blood O2 is in the low 90’s. Which is good. 

Sep 26

Well, That Was Unexpected

That “Pulmonary Rehab” place in Tacoma? Turns out to be a Pulmonary Rehab place in either Seattle or Portland. Seattle or PORTLAND!

SWMBO back in          1988 at Black's Beach.Uh, of the two, we’re voting for Seattle. WAY easier to get to. Park in Bremerton, take the ferry to Seattle, walk up the hill (a couple of bus trips actually) to the hospital, and visit for awhile.

At least I’d get to actually visit with SWMBO so the trip would totally be worth it.

Anyway, we’ll find out tomorrow.

Portland would be a hassle but we figure I could park the RV somewhere close to the hospital for a month and have a place to stay after the 4 hour drive down. Being “retired” I could stay as long as I wanted.

But still: Portland. Hey, maybe I’d get to see some BLM asswipes in action? I should take my rubber band gun just in case?

Nada going on around the old homestead. Yesterday was probably the last take all our clothes off and take a tour of the back 40 (and just fookin’ lay out soaking up some rays) so we did. Supposed to start raining for a week today. If it does I’ll get some yard waste burning done. Gotta season my new wok too. Can replace the other 6 lights in the living room (that we don’t really “live” in) if I get really bored but maybe should spread that out over the rainy week.

Those new led lights are nice. They have a switch that lets you choose the “color” of the light. The lowest “soft” setting is way too yellow for me (suffering SAD and all) but the totally “white” light is way too bright and 7 of those on at once (cause that’s the way the previous dipshit owners of the house wired the stupid things) is WAY too bright even for that big room. So, mid-range it is.

One of these days I’m gonna have to rewire this place. I already plan to run a lot of cat 5 cable when I tear out the ceilings of the MILA and basement to rewire for new lights. Wireless is okay, but, nothing beats a wire for dependability. (Fiber would be better and if I ever come across a deal for putting that in …)

Y’all want to know what I really hate? I hate that we get 2 or 3 movies of a series, say, the New Star Trek (or the latest Spider-Man) and then – nothing. Then in a couple of years “they” start them all over again with new actors and “updated” for the new social norms (whether those norms are comic book cannon or not). Really looking forward to the next Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot but that’ll probably be the last of this series. Then the next Wonder Woman series will come out in 2-3 years and will have her “socially updated” to a transgender black man with mobility issues to better fit the demographics of the time.

But don’t get me started.