Sep 02

Just Because One Can, Doesn’t Mean One Should. You Gotta Get OLD To Understand That.

SWMBO and I went to the Naval Hospital Pharmacy to get our refills. She signed me up for the “I don’t need to talk to a person just fill my prescription and let me go” line. Guess what? They called me to a window to talk to me about my meds. Well, call me shocked. Anywho, we got out of there in about 1.5 hours.

Saw a story online about a woman that got arrested because she let her 12 year old go to the park ALONE and unsupervised. And while I do agree with the sentiment (nowadays kids DO need to be kept an eye on) I don’t agree with arresting someone because of their parenting methods.

The folks that turned the mother in sure would have had apoplectic attacks at my Mom’s parenting. Being a bar-maid (that’s what we used to call them) she worked until 0200 every night so we were left on our own way too much. I learned to cook otherwise we’d have had cereal for every meal. We were pretty much responsible for getting ourselves to school.

But, how this all ties in, at age 8-9 I used to take a bus from South El Monte to downtown L.A., or out to Seal Beach, or the famous Pacific Ocean Park (before it closed down), or Griffith’s Park Zoo (before it too closed down), and once even “bummed a ride” up to the Mt. Wilson Observatory (why I went during the day is un-remembered).

Point being that if I were to do this in today’s world (no, not as a 70 year old but as an 8-9 year old) “they’d” probably throw both of us in prison and lose the key. Not to mention that we’d get our 15 minutes of fame on Facebook & Twitter.

And I think that if we’re going to arrest any parent(s) for bad parenting: we ought to start with the parent(s) of every Democrat or Liberal for not bitch-slapping some sense into their kids back when it would have done some good.

But don’t get me started.


Bought a ton of 1 1/4 Minus and continued my education of “tailgating” it on the driveway. It went better this time. Right up to the point the trailer popped off the hitch. That happened when I had the bed raised, all the dirt was starting to slide down just right, SWMBO let off the brake and slightly accelerated. BAM. Trailer dropped off the hitch.

Didn’t actually hurt anything, but, damn. No idea what went wrong. I triple check connections, with multiple walk-arounds when I attach anything to the truck. I do NOT want a trailer coming lose in traffic or anywhere else.

So we finished the pour and when I reattached the trailer I tried to make it do that on purpose. No go. So the next time I buy some gravel (1 1/4 clean aggregate) I’ll keep an eye on the hitch just in case it happens again. Which I hope it won’t.

Anyway, all that was yesterday and I (obviously) forgot to post last night. Today is Date Day and SWMBO is taking me to the all-you-can-eat Chinese place in Port Orchard. Then to Home Depot so I can start assembling my idea of mounts for my solar panels. And I’ve decided to built a shed to house the tractor and rider mower in for the winter so I need to check 2×4 prices. We’ll probably check out the new WinCo while we’re near the Mall.

Guys, if you marry, marry someone that likes to shop in Home Depot.


Aug 31

People cry, “my body, my choice.” Well I say “your student loan, your payments.” If You Have An i-Phone But Can’t Pay YOUR Loan, I’m Not Hiring You.

I’m sitting here at my desk at 0515 wondering why the hell I even got up today. I’m retired. Doesn’t mean I’m not busy; just nothing that I have to get up, shit, shower, shave, and get dressed for. So why the hell am I up?

Turns out, Washington state, for all it’s orange and pink haired lip-spiked Liberalism, still makes it illegal to skinny dip. Or otherwise be nude in public. Which, in some cases is a cryin’ shame; but totally reasonable when it comes to old guys like me. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to see me naked either. I’m the inspiration for that old song “I Just Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore.”

Where was I going with this? Don’t remember. Except it’s been Hot around here this past week and expected to be as hot for the rest of the week and we all should be out skinny-dipping someplace. (Y’all ever notice that people who skinny-dip together rarely fight each other?) Being in the outside heat was way more different when I was young than it is now.

Back in 1967 in Yuma, there was a overgrown sandbar about half way between the New bridge and the Old bridge on the Colorado that used to be the place to skinny-dip on those really hot summer days. For the guys that is. Couldn’t have girls skinny-dipping with you cause they might see your tally-wacker. And at 14 going on 15 that wasn’t the thing to do. The following year that changed for some reason. But then you couldn’t really skinny-dip, with friends, cause even a gentle breeze across certain body parts, well, that wasn’t good in public either. And skinny-dipping with girls was out cause they might laugh at that, thing, hanging out in the open like that. Girls were cruel like that.

At age 14 you didn’t want girls to see you naked and at 15+ you tried convincing (ANY) girl to “just hold it for a second and it’ll be okay.” Life. The good ol’ days.

Oh, goody! E-mail says: +R̳e̳:̳ ̳Y̳O̳U̳ ̳A̳Ʀ̳E̳ ̳A̳ ̳W̳Ɪ̳N̳N̳E̳Ʀ̳ ̳O̳F̳ ̳A̳N̳ ̳Ɪ̳P̳H̳O̳N̳E̳ ̳1̳4̳ ̳P̳Ʀ̳O̳ ̳M̳A̳x̳ ̳S̳W̳E̳E̳P̳S̳T̳A̳K̳E̳S̳ ̳E̳N̳T̳Ʀ̳Y̳

Glad I’ve got Thunderbird set to not automatically download pictures and links unless I specifically authorize it. As far as the sending offender knows he sent an e-mail to a dead address.

BTW, I’d like to thank the Orange/Pink Haired Lip-Spiked Liberals, who don’t like being “contained in a box,” for slam-dunking my white/conservative Male self into a “All Conservatives Are BAD” box. You’re welcome.

Just got back from our morning walk. Don’t feel like cooking breakfast or having cereal, so, taking SWMBO to FPH. Just because. IF she doesn’t lollygag too much. I’m hungry.

I believe my younger brother, George, was the inspiration for “The Hulk” back in the day. Yuma Cops brought him home one evening after getting in a fight with a Mexican GANG, and said “When we got there all we saw was a pile of bodies fighting. Suddenly, an arm comes out of the pile and grabs someone and throws them away. Then another. And another, until there was only George standing there.”

He broke someone’s leg, 3 or 5 arms, and slapped a guy (holding a gun) so hard it put him in a coma for 6 weeks. All George got was a split lip.

So, yeah.

Breakfast at FPH with SWMBO was as enjoyable as usual. And it’s not even Date Day!

Hooked the dump trailer up and went to Peninsula Topsoil and bought a ton of 5/8″ something. Got back home, backed down the upper driveway (which I’m actually getting quite good at for an OLD Guy), and SWMBO drove while I operated the dump part. Didn’t cover much. My gap was about 2″ too wide for that material. I should have videoed it. We have a 8″ deep 6 foot “dump” that I’m going to have to spread out with the tractor. I knew it wouldn’t spread far, but …

Hey, it’s all a learning experience. At least the buy part was easy. $40 bucks. Believe me when I say I’ve had more expensive learning experiences. (My Ex- being one; but don’t get me started.)


Aug 28

So, Are Freeze Dried Grapes Just Weird Raisins? Asking For A Friend …

Thought I’d rested my back enough to get out today and take down a couple of small trees (with the tractor mostly) and dig a trench (again with the tractor mostly) in the back 40 for winter drainage (we like to be able to walk the path even after it’s rained a lot). So I did. Both.

I should have reconsidered my plans for the day. ‘Nuff said. Where’s the Advil?

Date Day last Friday and I took SWMBO to Red Robin where we paid $13 for her Mushroom burger, and $13 for my regular cheeseburger. $5 for her foo-foo tea and $4 for my Dr. Pepper. And don’t forget the tip! She’s worth it, for sure, but sometimes … Turns out the breakfast I make for us at home is a $28 breakfast at FPH.

(denotes the passage of time…)

You know, I started this about a week ago, got busy, and totally forgot about it and posting. Sorry about that. Having too much fun during the day on the new tractor while the good Wx lasts and not getting enough sleep at night because of the back ache and Left knee pain when I lay down. But that’s my problem and not yours. Hopefully. One would think I wouldn’t have much to do on only 3.2 acres. Seems though, since I turned 70, every job takes almost twice as long to do and I need more mechanical help. Maybe I should consider downsizing … (Can’t stand neighbors too close though!)

Got an interesting e-mail:

We are here to inform you that today's the last date to renew your subscription!
Don't worry! we care for our existing valued customers, we have once again restored the services for you.
Your network protection and PC shield security services has been successfully renewed and upgraded as per your request.
*Geek Squad* has processed the annual fee charge of $ 419.85 which will be debited directly from your bank account within 24 hours.
This   transaction is being completed using the updated payment methöd on file ,   the charge will appear on your accôunt statement within few höurs.
If   you don't want to get charged again for our computer services kindly   unsubscribe, cancel or void the charges and stop the autò debit   recurring payments.
Service Renewal & Cancellation Team ##  +1 888 278 7566  (Dial Tollfree)
Thanks .!! Ricardo Paul Geek Squad Team
That’s the way it was formatted. Where do these idiots learn their written english? Does anyone still fall for these scams? But it is making me want to set up a raspberry Pi to autodial their number about a zillion times a day.
Anywho, thought I’d post that I’m still alive in case there were any family, friends, associates, or debtors wondering. I think I’ll get back to more regular, and hopefully more interesting, posts once the Wx goes to crap and I can’t get outside as much.
Which should be soon. “They” set up the fish counter trailer at the river coming out of Belfair and from the time it gets taken down to the onset of crappy weather is, usually, only a matter of weeks. Like two.
Aug 18

1915 Spam Attacks Were Blocked for is a lie. They didn’t even have computers back then so how …

Yes, I know. The voices keep telling me I have to post every once-in-awhile or explode with all that I’m keeping inside by not sharing. Of course, the Voices tell me other things too. Things best kept secret. For now.

Can’t really say there’s too much going on around here. SSDD. Get up. Check e-mail and read news while drinking my morning coffee. Shower. Walk the Dog. (Not at the same time!) Breakfast. Chores. Freeze drying “stuff.” Drive out to the mail box and check snail mail. Chores outside or around the house. Fix dinner. Watch a couple episodes of whatever SWMBO and I are binge-watching. Bed. Repeat. The life of an Old Retired Guy in America.

And, yes, I read and get upset with the “News” and what’s happening with our Country. Even bitch about it occasionally. Trying not to get my blood pressure up too much and figure the responsible parties will get what they deserve eventually. Look at Liz. Out on her ass. I’ll do my part come November. See, y’all, that’s the thing about most of us conservatives: leave us alone and we’ll get along. All we want to do is live our lives without stress and drama. But, fuck with us long enough and we’ll start fucking back.

Worked for 3 days on the new NAS/Media Server only to wipe it this morning and start all over. Just wasn’t working right and I knew it could be better. It’s gotta work for SWMBO (the non-technical half of this relationship) for several years after I step through the Multi-universe veil to my next assignment. She insists. Both. (That “shit just works” and that I take that step one day.)

Also setting up a Raspberry Pi for her to use as her desktop. Got it ready to go except for getting Thunderbird set up.

Playing on the radio some. Just dialing around and listening in more than anything else. 20 meters was going pretty good yesterday. We had a big CME hit us and it made radio a bit swinky for awhile around here. Some places I never heard before came in really clear for a few.

Forgot to stay up for the aurora last night though. Bummer.

One of my radio friends that’s new to being a Ham came over the other day to learn about Raspberry Pi’s and a program called “Chirp” that’s used to program radio’s. Turns out he lives in a house not much bigger than our living room and library combined (but it is on the waterfront). He really liked my shack/office (which is the “formal dining” room we would never have used that way). He wants to come back and learn a bit about digital modes.

Speaking of freeze drying: Did a watermelon and cantaloupe the other day. Both have this “super charged” flavor taste now. It’s like concentrated taste. It’s good. We’ll be doing those again. The Sherbet turned out “okay” to me. Think I like ice cream better.

I’m thinking we need Trump as President with Reagan as VP (if he were alive) and Rambo as speaker of the house.

SWMBO caught me looking at girls (girls being 30-40 now that I’m old) at the Walmart the other day and wanted to know what I thought about while doing so. Told her straight out: Not thinking about WHAT they’ll do in bed; but what time they go to bed.

Hot out today. Finally at that age where heat and I don’t get along if I have to get off my ass and DO something. Not like when I was a kid and 110 was “not bad.” Now I’m more than willing to just chill until evening. Feel bad I’m not wearing out the new tractor.

Oh, they set up the trailer down at the river for the fish counters. Which means we’ll have only a few more weeks of good Wx. About a week or so past when they pack it in for the year the weather turns to shit for the next 5-8 months.