Dec 07

Won’t Be Posting For Awhile. Probably.

SWMBO’s Mom passed away yesterday. She (SWMBO) is already on a flight to Ohio and Her Son and I will take off driving there Saturday. His girl is going to watch the place and the animals while we’re gone. should be back in a month. Or less.

Joined The Navy In That Building Dec 1970

Nov 24

Had To Take A Break. Too Wrapped Up In The Elections To Post. Just Hunkering Down Now.

Think I’ve gotten over my anger and disappointment. Mostly. Probably.

Just want to wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving! SWMBO’s Son and his girl will be joining us again for dinner. We invited our neighbor and one of her friends for dinner also. And, yes, I told both guests that everyone else we’ve invited to eat Thanksgiving Dinner with us has died within a year.

Dinosaur marathon on YouTube this evening. Just because.