Dec 23

It Rained Like A … Like A … A … I Don’t Know. But It Rained Pretty Hard Last Night Just Before Bedtime.

Yesterday I finished this book about what it could be like after an EMP takes out America.

Woke up this morning at zero dark thirty to see our bedroom clock blinking 4:39. Hmm, must have had a power glitch.

Woke up a bit later unable to breath cause my CPAP wasn’t working. Clock was blank and I couldn’t hear SWMBO’s O2 machine in the big room like usual.

This is foreboding.

So I got up. Unable to make coffee so I popped the top of a nice, cold, Dr. Pepper from the garage. Gotta have that caffeine.

Turned my 2-meter/440 “scanner” Icom-2000 on and it worked; so no EMP. This time. Or: Yet.

Thank goodness.

Heard a few “power lines down” reports so I guess it got kinda windy. Not unusual around here this time of year.

Still. I might be being “prompted” to get my “prepper” shit together. Right now SWMBO and I could eat comfortably for about 6 months; with some rationing. I should probably finally buy that freeze dryer and extend that to a couple of years.

And figure out how to blow the Tacoma Narrows bridges. If needed.

Stopped by Walmart the other day and forgot to get some things. CROWDED! I was in the check-out line longer than it took me to shop.

Went to my Cardiologist appointment yesterday. He “thinks” my heart is probably fine (without once listening or thumping my chest) but will order an echo-cardiogram “just in case.” But looking at the results of the one I had last year, and the chemical stress test, he said my results were excellent and he’s not expecting any problems.

But he didn’t have the covid. So, we’ll see.

Anyway, it’s pretty obvious power came back on. Time to shower and take the Dog for our morning walk before making breakfast. I may just take us out for that since we want to make an early run to WinCo for those things I forgot at Walmart the other day.

I’m wondering what I can forget to get today?

Dec 22

Sorry About This Test Post. Had To Rebuild My Computer And Now Setting Everything Up. Again.

Cause when one accidentally (stupidly) deletes the boot partition of one’s hard drive, then one will HAVE to eventually reboot then rebuild.

So, test post to see if it’s gonna work like it’s supposed to.

Thinking more about it: if I were a Banker and found out that you’d had your student loans “forgiven,” it would be an awfully cold day in Hell before I loaned you any more money. How could I be sure you wouldn’t go out and demand that a new loan be “forgiven?” Couldn’t. See foot? Shoot it.

Possibility of low-land snow for Christmas. Woo Woo. SWMBO does like her White Christmas’. Doesn’t get many of them around here though.

Dec 18

Florida officer finds two alligators hanging from SUV window at accident scene

Actual headline this morning. Sometimes you can’t make shit up as interesting as real life.

Been pretty busy around here taxiing SWMBO around and keeping her going. Got her off her duff and got her to clean her car out, take it to Les Schwab to get the slow leak fixed, and to the DMV to register it. The last tag on her car read 2019. Luckily they only charged her for one year.

She’s out at a Doc appointment and making a run to the pharmacy.

She’s able to go all day without hooking up to the O2 tanks. Still wears it for sleeping though for “just in case.”

Had “Date Day” yesterday and went to our favorite Manchurian BBQ place in Bremerton only to find it replaced with a Chinese place. Bummer! Was “ok” but nothing to write home about.

Been listening to a net that sounds like it’s in Japan on 14.235 (if I remember right). Everyone is speaking Japanese so …

Still backing up my NAS drives to a couple of external 5TB drives I have “laying around” not doing anything. Have a RSHTECH USB3.0 HDD Docking Station and it keeps dropping out. But grsync doesn’t notice until it hits the end of it’s copy list.

Oh, Joy. My 1099R is available on MyPay. How much y’all want to bet they make me change my password cause I haven’t logged in since last year? Oh, wait. They switched to that 2a log in thingie.

Pi-Hole seems to be working pretty good for blocking ads, but, now it seems I can’t comment on a lot of articles on FoxNews. Hmmm… Sometimes works if I reload the page …

Apparently, Me not wanting to pay off some else’s student loan is promoting violence; according to Rep. Pressley. So I think I’ll just keep my money and hope someone kicks someone else’s ass for even suggesting student debt cancellation. The way i look at it is: if you were an adult (18 years of age in our society) and freely made an agreement to pay back a LOAN for schooling, then you need to get off your lazy ass and pay that money back.

Demanding canceling student loans is like me going to buy a car, signing the contract, then demanding someone else pay it off. Not going to work!

Guess I can’t donate to the Salvation Army this year either because I just can’t repent for being white, semi-affluent, and not realizing any racist things I may have done in the past. So I’ll just keep my money, thank you.

I’m thinking that I should show up at the county offices and claim forcing me to pay taxes on my house is completely and totally racist AND ageist. Indentured servitude. i am a slave to the county clerk under threat of incarceration if I don’t comply. You know: like Federal taxes.

Oh, and charging me a “fee” to use my cash card is double dipping. But I do like the way they label it a “convenience fee.” Makes it so much more enjoyable to pay it. BTW, who is it a convenience for? Me, cause I don’t have to carry cash? Or the store, cause they don’t have to handle cash? Otherwise everything is taken care of electronically.

The more news comes out of Florida, the more I’m tempted to move there: A Florida sheriff praised a homeowner for standing his ground and shooting an attempted home invader on Wednesday. “The homeowner did exactly what he should have,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told WFLA-TV after a man in Lakeland, Florida shot an intruder in his home.

But you can still shit in the streets if you so desire: San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Friday declared a state of emergency in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood, an area that sits near City Hall and that officials have long said is rampant with drugs and crime in response to overdose deaths.

If it counts for Moderna also, maybe I should be glad I caught a breakthrough case: A small study from the Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine showed that breakthrough Covid infections in people who had the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines may provide massive immunity. How big? Against the original SARS-CoV-2 strain, blood serum from breakthrough cases was 950% more potent. And against the Delta variant, such serum was 1021% more potent.

Anywho. Probably should post this since I forgot (again) to post it last night. says it’s raining like crazy out so I’d better check. Still prefer snow over rain.

Dec 11

This Is A Test. For The Next Sixty Seconds Ain’t A Freakin’ Thing Gonna Happen Except You Get Perturbed. My Job Is Done.

Isn’t it amazing the things one can learn by accident?

See that percentage listed at the bottom of the graphic(s) (the pictures of rain)? I always took that as meaning that there was a 70% chance of rain, or 100% chance of rain, or whatever % of chance for rain/snow/whatever.

Learned today that is not true. Those numbers mean that there is a chance of rain/snow over the percentage of the area of the forecast. So, 70% means that there is 100% possibility of rain over 70% of the forecast area. So, today, there is 100% possibility of rain over 70% of the Belfair (actually Bremerton Airport (KPWT)) area. (IF I’m reading this right. I could be completely wrong.)

Cool! But I did notice that snow disappeared from out forecast.

Yeah. Probably not going to get this posted tonight. Got side tracked by watching earthquake shit on YouTube and talking to SWMBO about our plans for emergencies. First on tap: Blow the Tacoma Narrows bridges to stop the Zombies from “over there” coming into our area looking for food and whatever. Doing that will force them to go through Olympia and Shelton before heading this way. Thins out the herd.

Now: Date Day! Took SWMBO to the teriyaki chicken place we like over by the COSTCO in Gig Harbor. Being that close, we stopped at Home Depot first and COSTCO last. Spent WAY too much at COSTCO but they had a 5-TB External USB Drive for like $80 after discount. Too good to pass up and I almost got two.

Rainy drive home. Feels like it wants to snow; but hasn’t so far. Every time I look at the Wx map they move the snow back or take it out completely.

Wow. Windy out there.