Jun 15

I Gotta Quit Reading Those Fookin’ Labels. Never Gonna Buy Anything To Eat Again.

Dang! That almost sounds like a line from a hit song or something. “Never gonna eat again. Cause I read those fookin’ labels.” Man, some of the things that are in our foods! Things that I’m trying to cut out of my diet completely. Which means that I’ll never eat a packaged item again.

Which probably won’t happen because I’m not going to turn into a freak about all this. Just do the best I can and go from there. Can’t ask any more of myself.

Been kinda sorta taking it easy and doing just the light stuff around the house these past few days. Good thing I have a rider mower! Still had to man-handle the whack-weeder around though. That’s an hour long job in itself. Two recharges of the whacker battery so I get a break.

Started the tractor up and did some things out in the back 40. Cleaned her up some and did the weekly grease gun to her nipples. All 18 (or so) of them. Yep, keep her greased up and she’ll work her ass off for ya.

Hooked the dump trailer to the truck to make a dump run tomorrow. I think I have the air purged from the lines. Or mostly anyway. Won’t really be able to check that and fix it until I empty the trailer. Tomorrow. And hopefully I can get it to work one more time so I don’t have to manually unload the thing. That would be a pain.

The wall-board/drywall guy dropped off a trailer that’s over full of wallboard this afternoon. Says he and “The Crew” will be back about 0730 tomorrow to start putting it in. We’ll see.

Feeding the Missionaries tomorrow. BBQ Chicken. Baked Sweet Taters. Peas. Probably some ice cold canned pears for desert.

Gained back a couple of the 17 lbs I lost last month. Partially because I’m still in AFib off and on and don’t feel like getting too occupied with making things for dinner. So I take the easy way out. But I’ll get back on track.

Still wearing that little heart monitor and that’s a giant pain in the ..er.. chest. Press the button when I feel my heart fluttering, grab my phone and make an entry in the app. Lady from the “Electro Cardiologist” office called today and made me any appointment to see him and the results of this monitor for next OCTOBER. Glad I’m not an emergency or anything.

My Doctor’s office e-mailed me to make an after ER visit visit. I’m having mixed feelings about his Doc still. Kind of upset that I had to self-diagnose to get anything done. Seems all those times I complained of my heart fluttering over the past couple of years would have triggered something in his training and I’d have been checked out way earlier. Partially my fault too since I have enough Medical Training (Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman) that I could have been a bit more insistent about getting it checked out. But we didn’t and here we are.

Never been “normal” so I don’t know if I wish I were that or not; but I do wish I wasn’t having these problems.

Haven’t had a soda in 3 days and I’m starting to notice.

Jun 11

Who Would Have Thought Proof Of “Alien” Life Would Have Come This Way?

Researchers at the World National Computer Institute Research Laboratory spent 13 years investigating, designing, then building the fastest (so far), most complicated (so far) quantum nano-bit mono-nuclear micro-pile processing unit “computer” that can do pitaflops of calculations per picosecond (even running Windows 8). Anticipation ran high throughout the delegates gathered to witness the activation of the (actual) Super Computer and the buzz of conversation all but died as the On/Off button was switched to the On position. Click.

Circuits hummed, lights dimmed, tubes in the old televisions in the museum about a mile from the institute glowed brightly, the hair on the back of several researchers hands (and one secretary’s legs) stood to welcome the sudden current in the atmosphere. The smell of megawatts of electricity and megabytes of memory stung all noses. Watches stopped, restarted, stopped, then melted in place. Two maintenance workers clutched at fried pace makers.

It only took  seconds for the output screen to begin to glow and letters to appear. Letters racing across the screen and forming strange (but hauntingly familiar) patterns. Pages and pages of them.

Extensive testing, retesting and rebuilding indicated that all was well with circuitry and programming. All might have been regulated to the trash bin of an expensive failure if one of the technicians hadn’t overheard a stoner, high on legal “mary-jane” and illegal snorted sugar, on one of the public tours exclaim “Wow, that’s some real aliens shit!” while looking at the screen.

What? What if? Mono-nuclear micro-pile something something something …

So, many Scientists were brought in (so not Bill Nye) and Astronomers (so not Niel DeGased Tyson) and Linguists and Mathematicians to study the screens. Additional moneys were allocated for cases and cases of Red Bull & Domino’s Pizza to entice several computer “hackers” to join the team. Several thousand man-hours were expended in constant observation, formulas were made, theory’s were postulated, accusations were thrown about (well, her skirt was short), tears were shed, teeth were gnashed, fingers were stepped on (her skirt was short!), but what they found was: what they thought were random characters racing across the screen turned out to be a cross connection through Distant Silicon Qubits via a subspace quantum wormhole effect to some kind of computer in a galaxy approximately 80 zillion light years from Earth (as close as we can figure).

We had accidentally proven that we are not alone in the universe. Via an accidental connection to a computer. In a Galaxy far far away.

Turns out; an Accountants computer. A fucking Accountant. Apparently, actuary tables look the same in any language for any species. A receipt is a receipt is a receipt. Dollars, rubles, quadloons all appear to have a freakin’ decimal place.

The United States of America’s Internal Revenue Service has already proposed a plan to see if we can “accidentally manipulate” several earlier ledger entries in an attempt to get the entity Accountant ensnared as an “agent” for the U.S.A. to enhance our standing in future negotiations.

Other than that: Normal summer day around Western WaRshington. Rained all day.

So I got trash burned. LOTS of things done inside. Starting to feel like a regular house husband or really great Butler.

Chest doing okay. Only a couple of “episodes” of twitchy heart so far today.

Jun 09

Honestly, Been Meaning To Post. This Is An “I’m Alive!” Post.

But, been busy and been lazy. Really not much going on for being so busy around here. Some Sun and reasonably warm days have drawn me outside where I get absolutely nothing done because I can’t get too physical and refuse to get too mental. Look at the pretty clouds.

Father-In-Law-Apartment (FILA) it going well, except, we’ve been waiting on the dry-wallers(?) for a week now. So no progress this week.

Saw my Doc last Monday. He says I’m doing well.

Got my new CPAP via UPS last Tuesday. Set it up and got it running but it was pushing too much air so I had to research how to change the “hidden” settings and change those. YouTube! The Lady from Lincare was supposed to show up yesterday to finalize all the settings and stuff but didn’t show. Well, I figured it out. I’m somewhat smart that way. I think they just transferred all the settings from my old CPAP to the new without taking into account that my setting were HIGH because the old CPAP wasn’t pushing air as efficiently cause it was wearing out.

My Doc had put a bug in my ear last month about losing 50 lbs so I’ve been getting off my fat ass about that. Hours and hours of YouTube video’s about how upside down and wrong our food pyramid is/has been and such so I made some changes to my diet. I don’t want to DIET; I want to make diet changes. Going High Fat-Low carb. So, doubled my intake of bacon & eggs (swapped cereal every other morning for bacon & eggs which means bacon & eggs every morning), cut out about half the sugar I regularly use daily (and am working on the rest), limited my intake of carbs, and drinking more water instead of whatever sweet drink (Sunny D, Orange Juice, sodas, etc). And the Dog and I still take our morning mile every day; of course.

Lost 17 lbs last month.

Still eating a lot of things I like to eat and not “exercising” but losing the belly fat. I like that. I think I almost saw my dick the other day while drying off.

200 lbs here I come! Even my blood pressure is mostly normal all the time now.

And, spent most of yesterday in the ER being treated for Atrial Fibrillation. Since last Sunday my heart had been beating too quickly, too slowly, and irregularly; not to mention that the “missed” beats were lasting longer than normal and the medicine I take specifically for that wasn’t working. Lots of “fluttering” in my chest but otherwise felt great.

So, had SWMBO take me to Urgent Care in Belfair at noon yesterday. They freaked. Lady at the front desk asked “What’s your complaint?” I said “Possible AFib.” There was no waiting in line. They caught it real good on the EKG about 2 minutes later. Fifteen minutes later I was on an ambulance headed towards St. Mike’s in Silverdale. Again, no waiting in line.

Spent the next 7 hours laying around getting watched. Had a 4 hour IV of potassium (which burned like OH, Shit! so they had to cut it with a sodium chloride IV). Couldn’t start me on blood thinners because over 2 days had gone by and I might have a clot waiting to be dislodged that wants to head straight to my brain to wreak havoc. (I don’t want to be the veggie of the day.) So …

They finally sent me home with a 14 day monitor stuck to my chest and small notebook where I’m to log my symptoms (even out walking) if I press the button that says I’m having some symptoms, and an Rx for for potassium pills AND some blood thinners (because the threat of stroke apparently isn’t that much of a concern with me cause I’m already borderline dane brammaged anyway). And a referral to an “Electro” Cardiologist. (Gotta look that one up.)

And I “felt” totally great throughout all of that. Best I’d felt in awhile actually. Go figure.

So now I get to ask my Doctor how this is doing well; since I had told him of the “fluttering” in my chest since the previous day while I was sitting in his office.

Do I have to train another Doctor?

Anywho, sorry about not posting all my boring shit as regularly as I used to. Part busy. Part lazy. Part depression. Part almost summer and I’m still wearing a coat on my morning walk and no vitamin D. Part FILA and dump runs. Part learning new ways to eat and part I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing on a daily basis anyway.

But I still feel good about that 17 pounds. (G)

May 12

I Gotta Call The Meatloaf I Made Tonight The “DarkStar” Meatloaf

Cause it came out so dense that just a quarter of the thing has filled me up for the next 3-4 days. Stuck everything in the mixer and started it to mixing and got an emergency notice from my 70 year old bladder that I NEEDED to go to the toilet RIGHT NOW or I was going to spend some time in the shower and finding clean drawers and pants and, anyway, by the time I got back to the mixer everything was WELL mixed. Looked like a thick burger paste.

But I cooked it up anyway. Smelled great! Tasted great! Sits like a neutron star on the stomach!

Been thinking that if the SHTF that a hydroponic garden in my basement just ain’t gonna work. Where would I get the nutrient solution? Water? I got. Electricity? I can make. Nutrient solution? Hmm. So I’m thinking of trying out a GreenStalk 5 tier vertical Planter system. Uses dirt but, dirt I got plenty of.

Might be fun to play with. Or maybe an aquaponics system?

Thursday we took the fur babies to the beach up near Sequim (pronounced Squim). Wiz (our Dog) had been there before and picked right up hauling ass through the water chasing GU-11’s. Matey (the Cat); not so much. He pretty much tried to hide under every piece of driftwood we came across. But it was his first “day trip” so we kind of expected it. He does really good on a harness and leash though. For a cat.

Wx was out-fucking-standing though! SWMBO as lovely and entertaining and pleasant as ever to be with. What a nice day.

Last (Saturday?) I ordered some things from Amazon and I could have gotten it all by Wednesday, but, I opted for their “drivers day?” thingie where they make fewer deliveries on Thursday. Another day wouldn’t have made that much difference. Then, yesterday, Thursday, I get a message that there’s been a delay and my package won’t arrive until another 1-2 days, “sorry for the inconvenience see ya next order.”

Second time I opted for that. Second time my order got delayed. Which means I’ll opt for the fastest (Prime) delivery from now on.

Contractor jack hammered out the holes in the foundation for the new posts and beams to hold that portion of the house up. They poured the new 80 bazillion pound concrete in place yesterday and plan to let it harden for a week before putting everything in place. Cool. Progress continues.

Date Day. SWMBO’s taking me to Red Lobster so I’ll be in a Seafood Induced Coma later and won’t be able to post so I better post now.