May 28

We Be Back From Yellowstone!

And what a most excellent trip it was! Spent a day driving there, two days in Yellowstone, then a day coming back. Kind of a quick “camping” trip but well worth it. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy spending time with my Schweetie!

Got back in about 2000 last night and had time for a quick shower before hitting the rack. Tired! So tired I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. Haven’t done that in years.

Panorama made by Googl+

Today, I had to set the tent trailer back up to clean it out. Started washing the dirty clothes we accumulated over the past 4 days. Re-washed the dishes from the trailer. Took the Dog for a walk. Trip to the Post Office to pick up a box of her deceased Uncle’s old pictures the in-laws sent us. Started our dishes. Took my radio out of the truck and set up back up in my room and made sure it’s working okay. Mowed “my” yard. And it’s only 1320!

The 2014 Yellowstone trip-Day 1


Got up at 0300. Out of the house by 0400. What a lovely day! Started out kind of misty but cleared up by the time we hit I-90. Trailer handles just fine but my truck can really slow down going up hill. Depending on the grade of the up part. Made a few stops for gas and “rest” stops but pulled into Ennis, Montana around 1900. Plenty of time to set up the tent and get a shower before collapsing in bed. Even saw some streaks of lightning before turning off I-90 in Whitehall. Cool!

017The View From The Ennis RV Park, Ennis, MtOur Rig.Another View From The Ennis RV Park.

Of course, I uploaded my (unsorted) pictures  to my Flickr account already. Go take a look!

Nice! Having some Thunder. Gotta unplug my antenna’s.

Maybe more later. Gotta post this so I can move things around. Headache now. Wx change brings them on.

Jan 17

Pretty Much SSDD. Again. And Again…

Although, SWMBO and I did go to the pizza party/Red Cross presentation the Olympia Amateur Radio Service Club gave us for “winning” our bet about Field Day last year last night. Met KE7PHU and others in Shelton then car-pooled down to Olympia and back. It was a nice “party” and presentation.

I have never hated an individual before...

Didn’t get back home until just before my usual bedtime. I was so tired that I read only about an hour before falling asleep with the light on and my Kindle laying on my chest.

Speaking of my chest: Been having some pains around my heart the past couple of days. Especially when I exert myself. Think maybe I ought to go to the Naval Hospital and get myself checked out. Maybe I ought to do that tomorrow after SWMBO takes me to Taco Bell for lunch…


Not much else going on. Downloaded a program called S10 Password Vault and have been changing all my passwords at all my different sites to some ridiculously complicated passwords. Forgot that I’d have to change them in this Live Writer program. Already had to change the passwords on my phone for a couple of accounts and will probably have to do more. What a pain! Thank you  spammers and hackers! We, the normal people just trying to get along, really appreciate your efforts to fuck the lot of us.

Still way too cold outside and I’m still doing my normal daily routine stuff. Both my Twilight Zone discs I got today from Netflix were broke so I’m not going to be wasting any time watching those!  Hell, I may have to watch some of those tv shows I’ve been downloading the past couple of days…

Free desktop images

Damn, I wish we had these ships now! I want so much to go to the stars and look around. Explore strange new worlds. Seek out new life. New civilizations.