May 28

We Be Back From Yellowstone!

And what a most excellent trip it was! Spent a day driving there, two days in Yellowstone, then a day coming back. Kind of a quick “camping” trip but well worth it. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy spending time with my Schweetie!

Got back in about 2000 last night and had time for a quick shower before hitting the rack. Tired! So tired I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. Haven’t done that in years.

Panorama made by Googl+

Today, I had to set the tent trailer back up to clean it out. Started washing the dirty clothes we accumulated over the past 4 days. Re-washed the dishes from the trailer. Took the Dog for a walk. Trip to the Post Office to pick up a box of her deceased Uncle’s old pictures the in-laws sent us. Started our dishes. Took my radio out of the truck and set up back up in my room and made sure it’s working okay. Mowed “my” yard. And it’s only 1320!

The 2014 Yellowstone trip-Day 1


Got up at 0300. Out of the house by 0400. What a lovely day! Started out kind of misty but cleared up by the time we hit I-90. Trailer handles just fine but my truck can really slow down going up hill. Depending on the grade of the up part. Made a few stops for gas and “rest” stops but pulled into Ennis, Montana around 1900. Plenty of time to set up the tent and get a shower before collapsing in bed. Even saw some streaks of lightning before turning off I-90 in Whitehall. Cool!

017The View From The Ennis RV Park, Ennis, MtOur Rig.Another View From The Ennis RV Park.

Of course, I uploaded my (unsorted) pictures  to my Flickr account already. Go take a look!

Nice! Having some Thunder. Gotta unplug my antenna’s.

Maybe more later. Gotta post this so I can move things around. Headache now. Wx change brings them on.

Jun 16

What A Trip! So Far…

Left Belfair 0530 Wednesday morning and stopped in Bozeman, Montana about 1900 that night. (I could live in Montana!) Over 700 miles! Really not much traffic getting out of the Seattle area and the scenery on the drive was mostly absolutely beautiful!

Storm Brewing

Got up early Thursday morning and went to Yellowstone National Park. Wow! All the geysers and Old Faithful and buffalo and elk and just the scenery was outstanding! (I could live in Yellowstone Park!) Got a lot of great pictures.

SWMBO in Yellowstone

Drove through Yellowstone and stopped for lunch at some little place outside the park that was built by Buffalo Bill (reasonably priced too!) (I could live near here easily!) and drove on highway 14 for one of the most scenic drives I’ve ever been on. Got up to 9000 feet plus and the view of the valley on the other side of the mountains was WOW.

On Highway 14 East of Yellowstone

Stopped in Sundance, Wyoming for the night (I could live in many places in Wyoming!) at a real nice family owned inn.

Got up early Friday morning and took off to spend most of the day (almost lost) in Nebraska until we finally got back on 29 South to 90 East and got all the way to Des Moines before stopping again. Drove through an area under a Tornado Watch and hit a sudden downpour with marble sized hail (and heavy heavy rain and wind) before getting to Des Moines. Got some great video of lightning at the motel we stayed at.

Beginning of the Storm

Got up early Saturday morning and drove across some of the most boring scenery you can imagine. The land is totally flat from Des Moines to Oregon, Ohio.

I’ll post all the pictures I’ve taken so far tomorrow to my gallery or SkyDrive.

But we made it safe and sound and have been here since yesterday. Just hanging around with the in-laws. Helped them get rid of some wood today by advertising it on Craig’s List. Doing all we can really.

Made a flight with the Drone earlier and crashed into the only tree in the back yard. Acres of clear land and I hit the only tree I could possibly hit! Damn!

Got a Happy Father’s Day greeting from my youngest daughter that means the world to me. Cool!

Not much else going on…