Damned Near Got Killed Today!

Silver little VW car pulled right out in front of me on the highway to Belfair. Stupid person at the wheel was busy talking on the phone and didn’t even look before pulling out in front of me! I caught up with her at the stoplight in Belfair and yelled at her that I almost rammed her ass back down the road. She just gave me this "What are you yelling at me for?" look. Man, I came so close to rear ending her that my balls where still tight an hour later!

Was nice at the property. Hot! But too dusty to move much dirt around. Laid out some. Kind of started to get a headache so I came on home.

Wasn’t home more than a few minutes when I went into a full blown prodrome for a migraine. Haven’t gotten many of them lately but this one lasted almost an hour. I get a spot in my eyes where it’s like looking through a heat wave. It slowly expands into a circle that makes it really hard to see anything directly. After awhile it usually expands past my peripheral vision and the headache begins. Soon as I saw the first heat wave I popped 1000mg of motrin and drang some caffeine drink and (so far!) I haven’t gotten a headache. Of course I won’t be able to go to sleep tonight now…

My Rock Pile at the Property.

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