Had a minor wind storm come through earlier today. Only lost power a couple of times! But, I was sitting here at the computer and heard a loud bang/thump and the house kind of ’thrummed’. Went outside but didn’t see any damage to the house or anywhere near. When SWMBO came home from her visit with her friends she says "Did you know there’s a power line down across the driveway?" "Why, no." says I. So she took me out and showed me. It’s the phone line that goes from pole to pole. That bang/thump I heard must have been the line snapping. Thrummed the house. Looks like something at the top of the pole gave out too. So I got hold of the phone company (via Vonage and the tv cable) and put in a report. They say it’ll be up to 24 hours before a repair crew gets out here.

Unfortunately, that’s also SWMBO’s ISDN line for work (so she can work at home). So she had to drive in to the office to get any work done today. Bummer! She’ll probably have to go in tomorrow also. Bummer!

Me been doing not much of anything. Feeling better today. Finally got dishes and laundry done. Working on the look of this blog. Trying to get the Polls widget working. Don’t know why (except for practice) as it appears no one but me is reading this blog. Oh well.

Warshington Weather! Ugh!

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