Wow! What A Weather Day!

Started out with 6.5 inches of rain in our area from midnight to 0800. Wow! Winds knocked out the power at 0800 (my UPS woke me up beeping) and it was out for a couple of hours. Came back on for about an hour then went out again for 4 hours or so. Back on now but it’s still windy out there so there’s no telling how long it will stay on. Heavy rain has this whole tri-state area on flood watch. There’s been mudslides and a sink hole opened up somewhere in the area.

Gov. Chris Gregoire declared a statewide emergency Monday after strong winds and heavy rains lashed Western Washington, causing record flooding, mudslides and power outages across the region. (NWCN)

Not sure if I like hearing the wind whistle around this house. I think the wind coming from all directions is the reason we have a water leak from one of the overhead lamps in the living room. Called our Landlord about it and he came down and crawled into the overhead to check it out. Small leak from the roof. He put a bucket under it as a stopgap. (Uh oh, lights are flickering again…) That is one nice thing about renting; you can always call the Landlord for problems. (Still wish we were living in our dome though…) Now we just have to remember NOT to turn on those lights until they dry out!
Had the generator running so I could watch the news this morning. Power came back on so I turned it off. Power went out again and I got tired of sitting in the silence after a couple of hours so I went out to restart the generator. Wouldn’t restart. Damn! Switch to “on”. Plenty of oil. Full of gas. Generator tank full of gas too. I get a little red light flashing when I pull on the starter cord. Hmmm. Sometimes wish I knew a bit more about engines. Damned thing won’t start even spraying a (small!) amount of starter fluid in the air intake. Usually that starts it right up.
Think I’ll make taco’s for dinner. I’ll log in and add anything later if I can and if there’s anything new.

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