Bout Time I Posted! Y’all Haven’t Heard The News:

Tuesday we found out we got turned down for our house loan. Building, that is. Seems the bank wanted more "Comps" (Houses like the one we wanted to build in the area & what they’ve sold for, etc.) but, there just aren’t any comps in the area for a mostly cement house. Damn! Then they had a ’worry’ about our debt to income ratio. Let’s see: we owe on my truck and the overdraft for the visa card. OTT we pay rent and utilities. OUR bank said our debt to income ratio was great (but, unfortunately, they can’t help us with a loan because we want to build in MASON COUNTY). Other than that: Who knows? SWMBO and I have excellent credit ratings (around 700 each) so I just don’t know.

So, we decided to go with the "Box" House I found a couple of weeks ago and just try to buy the thing. It’s a HUGE house. 4300 sq feet with a two bedroom & living room & kitchen mother-in-law apartment built in on it’s own level. (I think I mentioned it in an earlier post.) Nice place. Hope the neighbors can get along with me.

So, I was out at the property Sunday, Monday & Tuesday anyway since it got over 70 degrees each day. Finally got some color to my cheeks! And my face got some too! Damn, it was nice out there! SWMBO even came out for several hours yesterday and I got some pretty good footage of her operating the digger and pushing dirt. Once she learned to just push the forward/backward levers she really got into it. Think I’ll post the video on YouTube!

Today we spent running around working on financing for the Box house. Just got back from spending several hours in (something like) Golf Banking filling out the paperwork. They love doing VA loans! And since SWMBO and I both have our VA eligibility everything ought to go okay. I say Ought To. We’ll see.

Then I took SWMBO to the Silverdale Mall and fed her one of her favorite sandwiches at the food court. Then we walked around and managed to spend ONLY $50 at the Barnes & Noble. Got out of there cheap; for us.

OTT, not much going on. Still ripping our dvd’s even though I have to do it on the tvserver and copy the files to my computer to convert to avi format. Sill trying to learn FL Studio and have added Finale & Sebilius to the line up. Want to start on 3ds Max too.

Bought a shopping cart "program" for my Brother-In-Law to test and see how well it would work on his site. With a little work it would work well. He still hasn’t done anything and I’m ready to call it quits and cancel the website and everything. Sometimes I want to call him up and tell him "Bud, get off your fat ass and make this work or quit your bitching about how life has fucked you." But if I did SWMBO would give me a hard time about it. Ah well…

Anywho, the two DNS file servers I bought are working great! I’ve filled both 1.5tb drives about 2/3’s. Still have about 900 GB available on the other server. Cool!

Oops, gotta reboot. Later!

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