Another Hot Day Out!

I’m loving it! I like sitting out on the front step early in the morning just catching some rays! Peaceful. Warm.

Not much happened today. Really pretty SSDD around here. Some housework. Made Salmon patties, veggies and Mexican Rice for dinner. Watched SWMBO water the “upper” plants. I already watered the garden about mid-day.

NMARES meeting @ 1900 at the QFC. We ought to be planning our picnic coming up next month. Hope a few people show up. They still need a President; and I’m not going to do it again.

Playing with Vue 9

Watching “First Man Into Space” made in 1959. It’s hokey now but back when I was just starting Junior High it didn’t seem that way. The school split the movie into 5 equal parts, showed it during lunch in the cafeteria and charged us a whole $.05 to see each part.

Well, the NMARES meeting went well. Actually had six of us show up! Asked me to find a place to host a website; for free, of course. Maybe Google places?

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