Skipped A Day Cause I Was Busy!

Out with my schweetie most of the day and didn’t feel like posting last night. You aren’t so lucky for today though!

SWMBO took me to see “Pacific Rim” at the Galaxy Theater in Gig Harbor. Mixed feelings about it: about 20 minutes into it I was thinking “I pad $8 ($16 for both of us) to see this?” I enjoyed the effects; what you could see. All the fight scenes were in the dark or underwater. Then it started to seem like an episode of  “Iron-Transformers.” I enjoyed the movie; but I didn’t. Guess it left me unfulfilled or something…

Still have mixed feelings about this movie.

After the movie we went to KFC for lunch, then down the street to check out RV’s. Saw a couple of really nice little trailers and pop-up tents. A couple were even almost within our price/payment range! We’re looking at something both the truck and her KIA could haul around but big enough to be somewhat comfortable for a week or two of camp grounds.

Nice hot afternoon to look at RV’s though. Got home, watered the garden and just relaxed for the rest of the day.


Nice hot day today also but I really haven’t done anything but straighten things up on my computer. Going through a bunch of old “back up” discs and just deleting anything over a couple of years old. Found a cd from 2001!


SWMBO and I also picked our first load of peas and beans from the garden. Well, the first that’ll make veggies for a meal tomorrow evening. Today we had baked BBQ chops, mixed veggies and Red Beans & Rice. It was pretty good.

And that’s about it. Having a “Pirates of the Caribbean” marathon…

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