If You Wanted An SSDD Sunday

Just come on over to our place! Started our SSDD, stayed pretty much SSDD, and I’ll bet it’ll end pretty much SSDD.

Like, right now, I’m getting laundry started while trying to figure out what to make for dinner while watching/listening to Dr. Who (“Invasion,” 1968) while straightening up the house while finishing off the dishes and I really should change the sheets while my radio is scanning the 17-meter band (which I’ll change to 12-meters shortly).

Man, I Miss Mini-Skirts! From Dr. Who

Yep, that’s pretty much my Sunday.

Meatloaf, home-grown taters, and home-grown green beans for dinner. Yummy! Made just plain yellow-cake for desert but then our son came up an mixed up some pudding. Kind of pissed me off. Would probably feel differently about it if he contributed to the food budget. Mostly he eats what he wants when he wants and it sometimes bugs me.


And, yes, I didn’t change the sheets until my radio was scanning the 17-meter band. In case you wanted to know.

Dr. Who marathon & Popcorn. That ought to last until 2200 hrs. or so.

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