So, Got Off My Lazy Old Ass

and spliced the antenna wire and got the antenna up (temporarily) on my deck about 12 feet up (from the deck. That’s about 22 feet up from the ground out back). Works great! I can ping repeaters I’ve only been able to monitor before; but can’t connect to a repeater I was able to with the old antenna. Still, it’s kind of like the old Dogfighters; winning 3 or 4 with 1 loss ain’t bad numbers. BTW, that’s a 2-meter/70-cm antenna.

Yep. I'm Trying Not To Look Up Her Dress Also!

Now I gotta figure out how/if I’m going to mount it on the roof. And since I’m moving my stuff back into my office/room, I’ll have to move it anyway. Maybe this afternoon. Not sure yet. Shouldn’t have any trouble holding the MCARC 2-meter net now!

About half way through wiring the receptacle extension in the new cabinet area (where we’re going to put the microwave & toaster. I just don’t know how to explain it). Should have that done in the next half hour or so. Then I get to start to “pretty” it up.

That’s done. Managed to secure the wallboard I’ve installed a bit better. Got my room straightened up enough to put my computer desk back in; if I’ve a mind. Did move the bookshelf I built back into my room. That took an hour!

Fish sandwich & Bakes for dinner. Tasty!

The only kind of downer today was: I am probably one only person in the world klutzy enough to cut my thumb taking the safety cap off the disposable razor. Yep, I did it this morning. What a dipshit!

Damn! I’m getting to be a real Doctor Who fan. (At least of the last two incarnations.)

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