Again! Didn’t Post Again!

Cause I was just too danged tired by the time I noticed I hadn’t.

Why was I tired? Cause I spent most of the day standing on the roof, bent over slightly, pressure washing the moss off. I’m too old for that shit! But it was nice up there until the trees blocked the sun in the late afternoon. Got pretty soaked from the knees down and started getting pretty cold in the shade.

Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman

Some friends of our came to visit. She disappeared into SWMBO’s room to do genealogy.  He and son stayed outside shooting their rifles. “Sighting in” is the term they used, I believe. Getting them to shoot straight. Was interesting, and loud!


And I wound up cooking dinner for all of us. Made spaghetti cause it was fast and fairly easy. I always use the bottled spaghetti sauce; but augment it with Meat, Maters, Mushrooms, and chopped olives. Turned out pretty good but not quite enough.

Thank Goodness She Bought "Form Fitting" Sheets!

SWMBO went off today to get some lab tests done before she starts her new job Monday. (Did I mention that she got a new job?) I didn’t go with her cause I still have the pressure washer on the roof and need to get some more of that done. Hopefully, she’s going to take me to Subway for dinner when she gets back. (I love Subway sandwiches! Too bad they got rid of their “seafood medley” sandwich. It was good!)

Subway was good. Had to stop by the bank on the way home. Just chillin’ now.

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