Just Been “Doing Stuff”

Around the house. Now that I’m “officially” Retired I can do that. Cool! So I did my usual chores first thing. Get them out of the way so I can do the really important stuff.

Sun’s out so the Dog and I went for a couple of walks around the property. It ain’t raining but it’s still soaking wet out there. Our “Widow Maker” tree finally came all the way down so next nice day, IF I remember, I’ll get out and cut it up and take it to my friend in Olalla. (The one that didn’t remember who I was yesterday.) Put 2 hooks in the wall above the sink for those strainer things we have and hung those. Took some of my crap down to the basement (I gotta start work on straightening that up one of these days! It’s a mess!)

2012-04-22 12.36.02

Found out I can walk on the treadmill and use my Nexus 7 to read posts on Tumblr, G+, and Facebook. Can even “Like” posts. Can’t type worth a damn though. Funny, at my keyboard I can type 150+ words a minute with 99% accuracy when I get warmed up. On the Nexus I’m lucky to get 15 words a minute with any of the words being spelled correctly at all (and that God Damned Autocorrect!!!) with that on-screen keyboard.

Having some Michelina’s Beef & Peppers with rice, Cheeto’s, and Iced Tea for lunch. They were “on sale” for a $1 so I got a few.

Heard the Renters come in about 1130 last night so I went down and “confronted” them. They say their going to be out by the end of today. That’s what they say. Haven’t seen their car, a truck, wagon, bicycle, or handcart nor heard any packing going on. Forgive me if I don’t believe their lying mouths until they’re actually gone. Looks like I’ll be trying to get a lawyer to start eviction processes tomorrow. Shit!

Been listening to an Internet radio station called “Chilltrax” since the News went off this morning.  Nice. Most of the stuff they play is just right for me walking at 1.5 MPH on the treadmill. Use the program “Steamwriter” to listen in. I supposed I could use WinAmp but streamwriter is really easy to use.

We’re back from picking SWMBO up. Was home a few minutes and one of the Renters came up and said they’d definitely be out tomorrow; they can’t get their friends truck until around 1400 Tuesday. Actually saw them (him) packing so that will do. Then they want to come back Wednesday to clean the place up. No prob. It’s only going to cost them a couple of days rent. I’m easy as long as they get the hell out!

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