Another WET Sunday!

Pretty much rained most of the day again. We’re WAY past previous records! Surprised we haven’t had more slides around here. I mean major slides.

Pretty much a normal Sunday except I went to Olalla to help a friend get his laptops set up on his network, get him signed into Facebook and Google+, and get his second printer installed and set up as the primary printer. That took all of half an hour!

USS Plymouth Rock (LSD-29) In Drydock In Baltimore 1977

When we finished he gave me a truckload of wood; which I took to my other friend in Olalla that uses wood exclusively for heating. Philip didn’t remember who I was (he’s really old) until I reminded him I used to live just down the street. But he was grateful for the wood and will use it when needed. Most times I just chuck it into his yard and he has no idea who dropped wood off for him. That’s okay with me.

Then I found out my other friend in Olalla will soon be moving back to Missouri. Wow, bummer! But, since his MIL (Pat) died the family has been fighting over that house and they all (except for my friend and his wife) decided to sell it off and keep what they can. Too bad. We haven’t seen each other a lot since we moved over here, but it was nice to visit every once in awhile.

Dang! All my friends are either dying or moving. That means I’m getting pretty old.

Not much else going on. Had 12 check-ins for the MCARC Sunday Evening 2-meter Chat Net; which is a record. SWMBO’s Son is in making a cake. I’m finishing up here. That’s my usual life.

All SWMBO Knows Is That They're Family

Renters are still MIA; I think they think they can avoid having to move if they just don’t show up here until they think I’ll forget or change my mind. That’s just not happening. They’ve had over 30 days to get out so I will be in Shelton swearing out a complaint and eviction notice on them first thing Tuesday morning. I’m sick of their shit.

Now I won’t be able to get to sleep cause I’m all worked up again.

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