Been Really Busy!

Since the Renters finally moved their asses out. Even so, thank Goodness they’re gone! Sorry I haven’t posted but by the time I’m through for the day and pick SWMBO up I’m tired enough just to go to bed when we get home.

2014-04-07 10.29.06

Monday I got down in the MILA and spent an hour just cleaning up the last of their stuff from the cabinets and closets. The food in the fridge was rotten and smelled really bad. The broke the damn fridge! Smashed the holder-thingies in the door. It’s unusable now. They broke both sets of blinds we bought. Like they just yanked them down and broke the main support rods. Nails in the walls. And then there’s the smoke “damage” on the kitchen walls & ceiling and partly into the living room. And the Range is burned up. New Range, New Fridge, Oh yeah. We can afford that! (NOT)

2014-04-07 10.31.01

Tuesday I spent a couple of hours down in the kitchen just wiping walls and ceiling. It’s not easy! Damned smoke does not want to come off. Wound up using our sponge mop and even that is only so-so. Make one swipe, rinse, make another swipe, rinse. Ad nauseum.

2014-04-07 10.31.09

Today I got down there in the kitchen again but think I have it as finished as it’s going to get by just wiping everything down. Needs to be re-painted. Seriously. Now, should I remove the upper cabinets and repaint or try to cover everything in plastic and paint? One is just as easy as the other really. I could take some time to sand and half-asses repair the cabinets if I’d a mind to…

2014-04-09 10.39.51

And that’s about it. This is how my day is going to go for the next couple of weeks. Really looking forward to pulling all the molding off and straightening up the floors! Oh, Yeah! (I’m Getting OLD!)

Think I’ll donate to “Hoodies For Hobo’s” just cause the name offends some people.

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