Not Much Going On Today

Renters left the MILA trashed. Wear spots on the walls. Floorboards separating. Fridge full of rotting food. Also left a pile of half-burned trash out towards the back of the property with plastic bottles and cans and old diapers in it. Of course I get to fix all this. They’ve really put me off renting again and I’m seriously considering legal. But I can’t afford a lawyer. Screwed again…


Made SWMBO semi-BBQ’d Chicken, Mashed Taters, & mixed veggies for dinner. She ate it all so it was at least palatable. (I liked it!)


MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Had 12 check-ins tonight including 3 mobile operators. Cool! Always glad to hear from the guys.

And that’s it. I’m just gonna chill while I can before getting really lazy and going to lay down and read before crashing for the night.

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