My Goodness! 85 Degrees!

I’m loving it! Didn’t get to lay out as much today as yesterday and the day before. Too busy.


Decided to get off my lazy old ass and get the MILA as done as I can today. So I got down there and finished off the taping, wiped the walls down, let them dry for an hour then spray painted the bathroom and bedrooms. And the little hall between them. Ran out of paint just as I was spraying the very last 6 square inches of the small bedroom  wall. Got it though.


So, tomorrow I get to go back down there and rip out all the paper and painter’s tape, sweep, swab, and put the toilet back in and it’ll be done! Too cool! Looks good down there even with the mess…

Left the house early (1805 hrs.), let SWMBO’s card buy me a number 2 at Mickie D’s and made it to the Vape Shop by their closing (1900 hrs.) where I spent $40 on “stuff/”.” Then it was on to the Ferry Landing where I waited about an hour for SWMBO to get in.


And we’re home now. She had the tour of the MILA and seems appreciative. It’s time to settle in for the night.

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